The Lost Words

The Lost WordsFrom Acorn to Weasel a gorgeous, hand illustrated, large format spellbook celebrating the magic and wonder of the natural world All over the country, there are words disappearing from children s lives Words like Dandelion, Otter, Bramble, Acorn and Lark represent the natural world of childhood, a


StegothesaurusA fun, playful, energetic story starring two stegosauruses and one stegothesaurus about family and synonyms for the young word lover in your home, residence, or abode Stegothesaurus s love of language has always put him at odds with his stegosaurus brothers So when he makes a friend an allothe

The Right Word: Roget and His Thesaurus

The Right Word: Roget and His ThesaurusFor shy young Peter Mark Roget, books were the best companions and it wasn t long before Peter began writing his own book But he didn t write stories he wrote lists Peter took his love for words and turned it to organizing ideas and finding exactly the right word to express just what he though

Other-Wordly: Words Both Strange and Lovely from Around the World

Other-Wordly: Words Both Strange and Lovely from Around the WorldDiscover words to surprise, delight, and enamor Learn terms for the sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees, for dancing awkwardly but with relish, and for the look shared by two people who each wish the other would speak first Other Wordly is an irresistible gift for lovers of words and

The Word Collector

The Word CollectorSome people collect stamps.Some people collect coins.Some people collect art.And Jerome Jerome collected words In this extraordinary new tale from Peter H Reynolds, Jerome discovers the magic of the words all around him short and sweet words, two syllable treats, and multisyllable words th

The Best Punctuation Book, Period

The Best Punctuation Book, PeriodPUNCTUATE WITH CONFIDENCE NO MATTER THE STYLE Confused about punctuation There s a reason Everywhere you turn, publications seem to follow different rules on everything from possessive apostrophes to hyphens to serial commas Then there are all the gray areas of punctuation situations the rule b

Sticks & Stones

Sticks & StonesA feel good middle grade debut with just a hint of magic about a girl who has a rare disorder that makes the words other people say about her appear on her body Ever since she was a baby, the words people use to describe Elyse have instantly appeared on her arms and legs At first it was just cute