YöperhonenUniversaali tarina sisusta, selviytymisest ja oman kulttuurin merkityksest n nLappi, 1930 luku Raskaana oleva valkokenraalin tyt r Irga hiiht takaa ajajiaan pakoon Neuvostoliittoon Rajan takana odottaa akiteeraaja Suenhammas ja uusi el m n nVen j , 2015 Ruumishuoneella makaa kansatieteilij Hen


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BrooklynHauntingly beautiful and heartbreaking, Colm T ib n s sixth novel, Brooklyn, is set in Brooklyn and Ireland in the early 1950s, when one young woman crosses the ocean to make a new life for herself n nEilis Lacey has come of age in small town Ireland in the years following World War Two Though skill


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DorstHet onvermogen om te communiceren en belangstelling voor de ander op te brengen leidt tot misverstanden, bemoeizucht en verdriet n nCoco en haar moeder Elisabeth zien elkaar sporadisch Op een dag lopen ze elkaar bij toeval tegen het lijf De moeder vertelt tussen neus en lippen door dat ze niet lang


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The Angel Maker

The Angel MakerA literary page turner about one man s macabre ambition to create life and secure immortality n nThe village of Wolfheim is a quiet little place until the geneticist Dr Victor Hoppe returns after an absence of nearly twenty years The doctor brings with him his infant children three identical boys al


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FlightsFrom the incomparably original Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk, Flights interweaves reflections on travel with an in depth exploration of the human body, broaching life, death, motion, and migration Chopin s heart is carried back to Warsaw in secret by his adoring sister A woman must return to her na


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Jugoslavija, moja dežela

Jugoslavija, moja deželaKo Vladan Borojevi v Google vtipka ime svojega, v vojni domnevno padlega o eta Nedeljka, nekdanjega oficirja Jugoslovanske ljudske armade, nepri akovano razkrije temno dru insko skrivnost, ki ga vrne nazaj v leto 1991, ko je prvi v ivljenju sli al besedo prekomanda in se je nenadoma kon alo njego


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IncendiaryWhen a massive suicide bomb explodes at a London soccer match a woman loses both her four year old son and her husband But the bombing is only the beginning In a voice alive with grief, compassion, and startling humor, Incendiary is a stunning debut of one ordinary life blown apart by terror.


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American Dirt

American DirtTambi n de este lado hay sue os On this side, too, there are dreams n nLydia Quixano P rez lives in the Mexican city of Acapulco She runs a bookstore She has a son, Luca, the love of her life, and a wonderful husband who is a journalist And while there are cracks beginning to show in Acapulco bec


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All Dag verstoppt en aneren: Kuerzgeschichten

All Dag verstoppt en aneren: KuerzgeschichtenDem Gast Groeber s i Roman Manu , war 2013 op der Shortlist fir de L tzebuerger Buchpr is An deemselwechte Joer krut hie fir seng Kuerzgeschicht Eng Duerfidyll e Pr is am Nationale Literaturconcours A mat d r Geschicht f nkt och dem Gast Groeber s i Buch All Dag verstoppt en aneren un, wou 9


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A Nurse's Story

A Nurse's StoryThe team of nurses that Tilda Shalof found herself working with in the intensive care unit ICU of a big city hospital was known as Laura s Line They were a bit wild smart, funny, disrespectful of authority, but also caring and incredibly committed to their jobs Laura set the tone with her qui


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ICU Protocols: A Stepwise Approach

ICU Protocols: A Stepwise ApproachThe book describes step wise management of clinical emergencies seen every day in Intensive care units ICUs As a practical guide, clinicians can refer to it on a day to day basis during their work hours, or while in transit to update their knowledge Targeted readers are intensivists, critical car


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