The Fury and Cries of Women

The Fury and Cries of WomenGabon s first female novelist, Angele Rawiri probed deeper into the issues that writers a generation before her Mariama Ba and Aminata Sow Fall had begun to address Translated by Sara Hanaburgh, this third novel of the three Rawiri published is considered the richest of her fictional prose It of

Travels in West Africa

Travels in West AfricaIn 1893, defying every convention of Victorian womanhood, Mary Kingsley set off alone for West Africa to collect botanical specimens Unaccompanied except for native guides, she plunged boldly into forbidding jungles, often the first European and almost always the first white woman ever to arrive.

Threatened (Ape Quartet #2)

Threatened (Ape Quartet #2)Into the jungle Into the wild Into harm s way n nWhen he was a boy, Luc s mother would warn him about the mock men living in the trees by their home chimpanzees whose cries would fill the night n nLuc is older now, his mother gone He lives in a house of mistreated orphans, barely getting by Then

Tropic Moon

Tropic Moon Newly translated for this edition.A young Frenchman, Joseph Timar, travels to Gabon carrying a letter of introduction from an influential uncle He wants work experience he wants to see the world But in the oppressive heat and glare of the equator, Timar doesn t know what to do with himself, and n

Say You're One of Them

Say You're One of ThemUwem Akpan s stunning stories humanize the perils of poverty and violence so piercingly that few readers will feel they ve ever encountered Africa so immediately The eight year old narrator of An Ex Mas Feast needs only enough money to buy books and pay fees in order to attend school Even when h

Answering the Call: The Doctor Who Made Africa His Life

Answering the Call: The Doctor Who Made Africa His Lifen Revere life, and give yours away for the sake of servingothers n n nAs ayoung man, Albert Schweitzer seemed destined for greatness His immense talentand fortitude propelled him to a place as one of Europe s most renownedphilosophers, theologians, and musicians in the early twentieth century YetSc

A Hippo Banquet

A Hippo BanquetWhile engaged on this hunt I felt the earth quiver under my feet, and heard a soft big soughing sound, and looking round saw I had dropped in on a hippo banquet n nTold with verve and self mocking wit, the adventures of doughty female Victorian explorer Mary Kingsley describe stumbling upon five

The Primeval Forest (Schweitzer Library)

The Primeval Forest (Schweitzer Library)There, in this sorry world of ours, goes a great man Albert Einstein, on Albert Schweitzer n nIn July of 1913, thirty eight year old medical doctor Albert Schweitzer gave up his position as a respected professor at the University of Strasbourg and celebrated authority on music and philosophy in ord

Le chasseur de lucioles

Le chasseur de luciolesLibreville, une prostitu e est d couverte sauvagement assassin e dans un motel de la p riph rie Les agents de la PJ de fid les abonn s des bordels de la capitale pensent tout d abord un crime de r deur n nQuand une seconde fille est retrouv e gorg e dans un autre h tel du quartier, les po

Alpha. Abidjan-Gare du Nord: Abidjan-Gare du Nord (Hors collection)

Alpha. Abidjan-Gare du Nord: Abidjan-Gare du Nord (Hors collection)Alpha vit seul Abidjan depuis que sa femme et son fils sont partis sans visa pour Paris, Gare du Nord La rage au coeur, il d cide de tout quitter pour les retrouver C est toujours mieux que de pourrir sur place Plusieurs trajets sont possibles, des ann es de voyage en perspective Sur les int

Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But HerePeter Pinney s latest record of his travels is as lively, unconventional, and a using as ever Still the traveller without visas and without baggage, and usually without money, he wanders across Africa from Mozambique to the Sahara sometimes alone, sometimes with raffish companions picked up on th