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Younger From Pamela Redmond Satran, The Acclaimed Author Of Babes In Captivity And The Man I Should Have Married, Comes A Story Of Inspiration And Transformation For The Really Desperate Housewife.She S Old Enough To Be His Mother Alice Has Always Looked Young For Her Age, Even With Her Graying Hair And Her Dowdy New Jersey Housewife Style Make That Ex Housewife Now That Her Husband S Gone And Her Daughter Is Grown, Alice Is In Desperate Need Of A Whole New Life So She Lets Her Best Friend Maggie, A Hip New York City Artist, Transform Her On New Year S Eve Soon, Thanks To The Wonders Of Hair Dye And Tight Jeans, Alice Looks Really Young, As One Night In A Manhattan Bar Confirms At Midnight, She Kisses A Boy Who Was In Diapers When She Was In High School.She S Having Too Much Fun To Care The White Lie Alice Tells Josh Gets Her Thinking That If No One Asks Her Age, She Doesn T Have To Tell So She Applies For A Job She Had Briefly Before Becoming A Full Time Mom And Gets It Meanwhile, Josh Is Falling Head Over Heels For Alice, Who S Just Way Cooler Than Girls His Age He Figures She S About Twenty Nine And For The First Time Since She Was Twenty Nine, Or Possibly Ever, Alice Feels That Life Is Ripe With Possibility Unfortunately One Possibility Is That She S Gonna Get Caught.Challenging The Adage That The Truth Will Set You Free, Younger Is A Hilarious And Insightful Story That Proves That You Re Only As Young As You Feel. There is nothing that I love to do than to read a book before I see it in the movies or on TV For some reason, it the one rule in my life that I actually never break Let s face it It is sort of the age old debate, but instead of the chicken or the egg, we are asking which is better the book or the movie show So with this in mind, I started Younger by Pamela Redmond Satran.The premise of the book is simple, 44 year old Alice has had a difficult year and chooses New Year s Eve to make a wish to be younger She has never looked her age, but with her recent weight loss, she is looking pretty good It is not that she wants to be twenty again, but Alice would like to have the opportunities of a young professional starting out with no judgement or sideways glances from the adolescent HR people If you think that the job market is difficult for 20 and 30 somethings, you can imagine how difficult it is for a 44 year old stay at home mom who has limited work experience With the help of her best friend Maggie, she takes a second look at herself and decides to embrace her friend s push towards a youthful appearance Commence the make over montage now.As Alice continues her path to becoming younger, she meets Josh, Lindsay, Terri, and a few others here and there Each adds another layer to her experience, but also to her deception Will Alice be caught and have to pay a price for the lies that she is weaving How will everything turn out with her new friend and lover once they find out the truth Most importantly, will she ever realize that age is just a number and that love can happen to anyone This book is a fun quick read with an unexpected reality check for the reader You will want to yell and throw things at Alice, but in the end, I think that we can all see a little bit of her in all of us I don t believe that I would ever want to revisit my twenties, but I can see the appeal in starting fresh with all that knowledge When I flipped through the pages, I found that I enjoyed the banter of Alice and Maggie, and the brattiness of her Diana s reactions to her Mother However, with every funny quip or awkward situation, there was definitely an underlying tone of reality to it I found myself constantly thinking about the consequences to the actions that the character decides to make For every life choice, there is a good and bad This story shows us that in spades We all make the decisions that we think is best at the time Some of us try to plan into the future with our mystical Magic 8 Ball in hand, but really how can we know In many ways, this book is just as sad as it is funny I can be reading too much into this, as I have been known to do, but it seems as if it was a commentary on woman s roles in society More importantly, it shows how we shame one another for our choices The jury is still out on if the TV show will be better than the book, but I have to say, that the book is worth a read Who knows, maybe next year your will start of your New Years with a wish that could set you on a path that you never thought was possible XOxperts Review This Review is originally posted on the XOXO After Dark site. Review of Book in comparison to the TV Series.My husband and I watched the TV series Younger this year and loved it It was a lot of fun to see how someone around our age would adapt to the 20 something scene So when Younger was the daily deal on Audible I had to pick it up.First it is clear the TV show is based on this book but has definitely been expanded to include characters and situations The main character list only includes Alice, Josh, Maggie and Lindsay with a few appearances by Alice s daughter I really liked the expanded cast a little better from the TV show There are a lot quirky characters and moments in that.Second I liked the Josh in the book much than the Josh from the show Here are the main differences Josh in the book is an established 25 He is a game designer who has just broken off an engagement and decided not to join corporate America but has finished some of his college He is getting ready to go to Japan to learn some about game design The best thing about this was that it was easier to see why Alice would fall for him He is smart and they have fun together but at the same time I felt that emotionally and intellectually they were similar.Josh on the show is a hot Tatoo artist that didn t go to college and is still very busy with the bros and bar scene He is really nice on the show but he always seems really young still and while yes he brings out the inner 20 something in Alice I never see them as super compatible long term Third The hard thing about reading the book is being in Alice s head as she overanalyzes some of the social situations She has been discriminated against because of her age but I find she is guilty of the same things I did really like some of the realizations that she made and how empowered she became by the end but her internal thoughts started to grate a little On the show all these revelations are made situationally and so they were entertaining and easier to take in Fourth The show and the expanded cast have the better main story lines Possibly this is because there are just of them While I prefer the romance story arc of the book I like the situations and secondary character story arcs better on the show Alice s boss for instance in the book is a single mother of three that seems to take all the credit for Alice s ideas While on the show she is a single woman in her 40s looking for love and might have started by being a pain in Alice s butt but she also has some great redeeming qualities to her that make her character much three dimensional.Overall I liked the social issues about women, motherhood and ageism brought up in this book It is difficult to be a woman and know how to juggle family, career and home I also like that it flips the script on the younger older relationship issues Who says that only older men can date attractive younger women I am a firm believer that people are people and when you find someone you click with no matter the age different and gender you should just go with it no matter the social norms I totally prefer the TV show to the book in most regards but I m glad that I read the authors original concept. The biggest knock I kept hearing on Pamela Redmond Satran s Younger is that no one would ever believe it if a 40 something woman pretended to be in her 20s The feminist in me wants to scream, Would you ask that question about a book about a MAN but I saved my vocal cords the strain because of course you wouldn t Nobody gives a shit how old a man is unless they re casting his girlfriend in a movie Ask Maggie Gyllenhaal Hell, I ve even seen discrimination about the age of the book It s ten years old, who cares what it has to say about anything The premise might be just this side of implausible, but if you want gritty realism, consider the very plausible idea that lead Alice thinks she has to pretend she s in her 20s just to be desirable to pretty much everyone her hot, young new fling Josh the publishing company where she gets a job even her cool, younger friends But after the year from hell in which she lost her mother and her marriage, she has a little too much New Year s Eve champagne and decides it s time for her own year of yes As a 20 something, Alice gains access to everything that had been denied her as a 40 something She s still Alice sorry, had to , but because of a simple change of integers, she s suddenly sexy and employable and all the things women my age take for granted and the reason that my friend Kelsey and I had a pact to take each other out at 39 because we assumed not incorrectly the world for a 40 something was a cold, vacuous expanse For readers in their 40s, Alice s trip through the 20 something looking glass is breezy, sexy wish fulfillment, like My Fair Ladywith the condescending misogyny turned down In this iteration, Alice is both Higgins and Doolittle, because feminism But for younger Younger readers like me, Alice s predicament is ostensibly a cautionary tale We won t be in our 20s forever, and if we think the world is an unkind place now, just wait until we start getting crow s feet For readers of any age, Alice is a fascinating case study in ageism in the workplace, in the dating world and in self perception Alice never tried all these exciting, sexy things because she thought her expiration date had passed It s only when she saw her youthful self reflected in the eyes of everyone around her that she had the courage to go out and live It may sound like a frothy rom com, because, well, it is and it s a really good one But Younger resonates because it s ultimately not about getting the guy as much as it is about getting the life you always wanted but didn t dare dream you could have Anyone who thinks it s a trite, slight message need only look to the reinvention of 65 year old Caitlyn Jenner Like Caitlyn, Alice has felt invisible, trapped and isolated for years, and both of these bad asses decided they d had enough Their external appearances didn t match who they truly were inside, so they found themselves at ages that are usually bitter punch lines or dead ends, and they did something truly revolutionary for women of certain ages They started over Obviously, Alice and Caitlyn aren t equals stand down, concern trolls , but the message of both triumphs is similar We are not constrained by the bullet points of our biography We are not our age, our gender, our sexual orientation, or whatever boarding school we couldn t afford Who we are is so much interesting and complex than any of these classification tools, but it s up to us to show that to the rest of the world. Often I watch a tv show or movie and read the book if it is based on one Of course usually the book is much better than the show or movie But not this time I really like the show but this book fell short for me.

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