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H.M.S. Surprise (Aubrey & Maturin #3) Amid Sights And Smells Of The Indian Subcontinent Explore Ships Of The East India Company Aubrey Is On The Defensive, Pitting Wits And Seamanship Against An Enemy Enjoying Overwhelming Local Superiority Somewhere In The Indian Ocean Lies The Prize That Could Make Him Rich Ships Sent By Napoleon To Attack The China Fleet.

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    My favorite of the first three novels and perhaps of the entire series HMS Surprise deftly combines the best aspects of the first two books Love, friendship and war Frankly, there s so much going on it s hard to believe O Brian fits it all in comfortably The amazing thing about this book i

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    Surely man in general is born to be oppressed or solitary, if he is to be fully humanPatrick O Brian, HMS SurpriseJack, you have debauched my slothPatrick O Brian, H.M.S SurpriseSo, I am now three books into the Aubrey Maturin series and the books are only getting better Master and Commander and Pos

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    3 3.5 starsAs the rating attests I enjoyed this book, but I am not sure if I will ever be one of the rabid legion of fans enamoured of Patrick O Brian s work I certainly enjoyed this book muchthan I did Master and Commander which, quite frankly, I found opaque and uninteresting I also skipped over the second

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    Thus to the Eastern wealth through storms we go But now, the Cape once doubled, fear noA constant trade wind will securely blow,And gently lay us on the spicy shore HMS Surprise is the name of the latest command of Captain Jack Aubrey, a frigate with a ragtag crew sent on a solitary mission to the Indian Ocean The book

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    Jack, you have debauched my sloth.

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    I like listening to this book better than reading it, I think This one is steeped in the emotional lives of Jack and Stephen It s the first that really starts showing us how deeply these men feel about each other and the others they care about, and hearing it rather than reading it adds a level of intimacy that increases the novel s emoti

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    In praising Patrick O Brian s Aubrey Maturin books I am on well trodden ground In a sense, it is superfluous to do so so many people, of such varied and excellent taste, have praised these books to the skies that further lauds from the modest likes of me are hardly necessary Still, I m glad to add my words These stories concern Jack Aubrey, a ship

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    This, the third of Patrick O Brian s Aubrey Maturin series, gave me great pleasure in reading This came surely in part by again meeting the old, well loved figures of the previous two books It s true too that this is my third reading of the series as a whole, so a kind of nostalgia was partly in play However that was certainly not all there was to it.This bo

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Quite possibly the finest of the entire 20 volume Aubrey Maturin series by Patrick O Brian, partly because the character of Stephen Maturin is so ruthlessly exposed First, his attachment to Diana Villiers comes to a head Second, his utter devastation after the death of Dil And, finally, hi

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    I m not going to add all twenty O Brians here, because I don t really have individual reviews for them All twenty just stand in my mind as one long reading experience of near unalloyed pleasure But H.M.S SUR...

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