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View From Another Shore: European Science Fiction A Second Edition, With A Completely New Contextual Introduction And Other New Material, Of A Superb Selection First Published In And For Long Out Of Print Of Some Of The Best Science Fiction From Continental Europe Included Are Stories By Stanislaw Lem Poland , Vsevolod Ivanov Russia , Eurocon Award Winner Adrian Rogoz Romania , Herbert W Franke Germany , Wolfgang Jeschke Germany , Gerard Klein France And Others

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    I read the original 1973 edition Apparently, there is a second edition out, and the description for it mentions Wolfgang Jeschke Since there is no Jeschke here, I conclude that the second edition must have additional pieces However, my edition had eleven In Hot Pursuit of Happiness , Stanislaw Lem 1971, Poland The Valley of Echoes , Gerald Klein 1966, Fr

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    Anthologies of foreign Science Fiction are intrinsically interesting, I think because the writers come from a different culture than your own Not all that different if they re French or German but quite a bit if they were in the Eastern bloc under communism All the stories in this book date from before 1973 when it was first issued, so before The Wall came do

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    questo libro un giro attraverso la fantascienza europea buona idea, che permette di scoprire nuovi autori e grazie alla bella introduzione di incuriosirsi per altri ma sono davvero i grandi racconti della sf europea come recita la copertina beh, iniziare con stanislaw lem con un estratto da cyberiade , che incidentalmente ho letto poco tempo fa fa buon gioco al cu

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    A solid collection of early 1970 s science fiction stories As with most anthologies, the quality varies a bit, but fans of the genre will find these overall to be quite interesting.

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