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Teaching What Really Happened In This Follow Up To His Landmark Bestseller, Lies My Teacher Told Me Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong, Loewen Once Again Takes History Textbooks To Task For Their Perpetuations Of Myth And Their Lack Of Awareness Of Todays Multicultural Student Audience Not To Mention The Astonishing Number Of Facts They Just Got Plain Wrong How Did People Get Here Why Did Europe Win In Teaching What Really Happened, Loewen Goes Beyond The Usual Textbook Dominated Social Studies Course To Illuminate A Wealth Of Intriguing, Often Hidden Facts About Americas Past Calling For A New Way To Teach History, This Book Will Help Teachers Move Beyond Traditional Textbooks To Tackle Difficult But Important Topics Like Conflicts With Native Americans, Slavery, And Racial Oppression Throughout, Loewen Shows Time And Again How Teaching What Really Happened Not Only Connects Better With All Kinds Of Students, It Better Prepares Those Students To Be Tomorrows Citizens.

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    Fascinating book I really like history and this book gave me lots to think about.

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    Sometimes it s omissions that are the textbook issue Loewen mentions that high school history textbooks didn t include the fact that in the 18th century Wall Street was where slave owners went to sell the labor of their slaves, and others hired their labor Since I lived in New York when I was

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    An excellent starter book for teachers of American history.

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    Similar in content to Lies My Teacher Told Me, but with some helpful ideas for getting students to analyze sources, uncover bias, and see history as interpretation that changes over time My biggest criticism is that he doesn t discuss ways of teaching ...

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    I loved the history parts of this Although, as a retired teacher, I was in agreement with his ideas for going beyond the textbooks and teaching students how to study history, I m thankful to not have to read pedagogy any This book made me want to go back and read his other history books.

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    Required reading for history teachers No matter the history course, if you are a history teacher, or even work in a school, this should be read

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    Such a useful book for teaching students to be historians and uncover what really happened It helps teachers focus their teaching on the importance of critical thinking skills an citizenship.

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    Good book on education for social studies teachers Loewen is at times a bit over the top, and is as biased as those he criticizes, however, there are some thoughtful questions throughout th e book I read this with my social studies department, and it was the cause of several discussions regarding methods, philosophy of education, as well as bias I woul

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    My circumstances have changed considerably since I began reading this book in 2010 I realized as I finished reading this that I will likely never use the wonderful advice detailed here Loewen is great about stating the problem and explaining why its a problem while at the same time, guiding the reader to several possible corrective practices While some of the bo

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    This is an excellent guide on how to change history lessons from boring lectures into exciting discussion and projects that actually require students to think A big focus is put on critically analyzing the received wisdom tha...

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