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The Italian's Ruthless Marriage Bargain Plain, Poor And Inexperienced, Jude Struggles To Hold Down A Full Time Job As Well As Being Guardian To Her Brother S Three Little Children So She Can T Believe Her Eyes When She Opens Her Front Door To Handsome Luca Di Rossi, The Man Whom The Newspapers Call The World S Most Notorious Playboy Jude Knows That In Any Other Circumstances, Wealthy, Powerful Luca Wouldn T Look Twice At Her But He Needs A Wife Pronto Now The Ruthless Billionaire S Demanding A Marriage Of Convenience

About the Author: Kim Lawrence

Though lacking much authentic Welsh blood, Kim Lawrence comes from English Irish stock She was born and brought up in North Wales She returned there when she married, and her sons were both born on Anglesey, an island off the coast Though not isolated, Anglesey is a little off the beaten track, but lively Dublin, which Kim loves, is only a short ferry ride away Today they live on the farm her husband was brought up on Welsh is the first language of many people in this area and Kim s husband and sons are all bilingual she is having a lot of fun, not to mention a few headaches, trying to learn the language She is a keen gardener and cook and enjoys running often on the beach, as living on an island the sea is never very far away She is usually accompanied by her Jack Russell, Sprout don t ask, it s long story With small children, the unsocial hours of nursing didn t look attractive so encouraged by a husband who thinks she can do anything she sets her mind to, Kim tried her hand at writing Always a keen Mills Boon reader, it seemed natural for her to write a romance novel In 1995, she published her first novels and now she can t imagine doing anything else.

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    Man the blurb is a bit misleading They make Jude seem like a wallflower She really isn t She s got a PhD ladies who are looking for HP heroines with a higher education and a good career read this one , she s got a nice place to live, and I would consider her successful She sounds pretty attractive to me Not drop dead gorgeous, but an attractive woman She just feels like she s not attractive at times because of her mother s overbearing ways So I wouldn t exactly call her a Plain Jane alth Man

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    4 CONVENIENTLY MARRIED STARSThis is a story about a marriage of convenience A favorite story line of mine I must admit The heroine Jude is a struggling guardian mother figure to her brother s orphaned three children Now these children sound like actual real kids should sound So BRAVO Ms KL on your honest portrayal of kids in this book here The hero Luca Di Rossi is your typical hero here with him being rich, tall, handsome and with enough luggage to fill a whole baggage kart He needs to 4 CONVENIE

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    A marriage of convenience story of a playboy hero who needs a ready made family in order to keep custody of his daughter from her ruthless grandmother The heroine is guardian of her brother s three children after he and his wife were killed in a car accident They meet when the heroine s nephew wanders off in their apartment building to the hero s half brother s flat The hero returns him along with choice words for the heroine.The heroine is supposed to be a university lecturer, but she gasp A marriage o

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    4.5 starsBeing left as guardian of your three young nephew and nieces, having no time to grieve your loss and having zero experience and and even less help I m looking at you heroine s mom would drive anyone nuts sooner or later and our heroine Jude is loosing it.Our hero Luca has a very bad reputation just because he doesn t like to defend himself, he just doesn t care what people say BUT now that his daughter s grandparents are asking for her custody he s in need of a new reputation eve 4.5 starsBeing left

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    Goodreads deleted the review, because of someone flagging it, guess I got to write it all over again Strange reason It contains too many spoilers and what the heck Mine was similar to anothers Whoever flagged it had to be crazy Just because some spoilers coincidentally are nearly same does not mean I have taken it from them, you really got to be kidding yourself Anyway, getting back to the review view spoiler Luca Di Rossi Gianluca wants to retain custody of his little girl from her dea Goodreads deleted the review

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Plain she s not plain , poor and inexperienced, Jude struggles to hold down a full time job as well as being guardian to her brother s three little children So she can t believe her eyes when she opens her front door to handsome Luca Di Rossi, the man whom the newspapers call the world s most notorious playboy Jude knows that in any other circumstances, wealthy, powerful Luca wouldn t look twice at her But he needs a wife pronto Now the ruthl

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    Playboy billionaire Luca Di Rossi is in need of a wife, one with a ready made family would do nicely as a solution to his current problem Although he had a plan in place for a marriage of convience, he had not expected to stumble upon Jude Jude who most recently became the guardian of her deceased brothers little children Luca believes in fate, but he also believes in letting Jude figure out that they were meant to be on her terms Proposing frequently and inserting himself into are just the Playboy billionaire Luca Di Rossi is

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    A book about a MOC that turned out to be amusing, sweet, sexy and a really good read The h s brother and sister in law were killed in a car crash, making her guardian to their three children Five year old twins and an eighteen month old She had a degree in child psychology but is quickly learning that intellectual knowledge and practical application are two totally different things She is over her head and in serious need of some help The H has a seven year old daughter who her maternal rel A book about a MOC that turned out to be a

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    Luca Di Rossi Gianluca wants to retain custody of his little girl from her dead mother s family He doesn t want the child around her nasty grandmother at all, so he needs to have a wife and preferably one with kids to make his standsolid Luca is a very rich, playboy and he needs to show that he has a settled down life that would be good for a child Luca doesn t like to explain his actions he feels that he shouldn t be questioned as he would never lead you wrong Dr Jude Lucas is guardi Luca Di Rossi Gianluca wants to retain custody of his

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    hasting ending, but otherwise an unique read 5 stars

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