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In Case You Missed It Hilarious, Relatable And Heartwarming The Brand New Romantic Comedy From Lindsey KelkWhen Ros Steps Off A Plane After Four Years Away She S In Need Of A Job, A Flat And A Phone That Actually Works And, Possibly, Her Old Life Back Because Everyone At Home Has Moved On, Her Parents Have Reignited Their Sex Life, She S Sleeping In A Converted Shed And She S Got A Bad Case Of Nostalgia For The Way Things WereThen Her New Phone Begins To Ping With Messages From People She Thought Were Deleted For Good Including One Number She Knows Off By Heart Her Ex SSometimes We D All Like The Chance To See What We Ve Been Missing

About the Author: Lindsey Kelk

Bestselling British author based in Los Angeles Lover of books, watcher of wrestling, wearer of lipstick Karaoke enthusiast and cat wrangler Lindsey is the author of twelve novels, including the bestselling I Heart series, About a Girl, The Single Girl s To Do List and Always the Bridesmaid.

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    Lindsey Kelk writes a light, bright, frothy, breezy and fun rom com with many of the familiar tropes from the genre, but she wraps them up in a decidedly stylish, ish and hilarious package After a three year stint in Washington DC as a radio producer, an unemployed 32 year old Rosalind Ros Reynolds returns home, only to cringe on seeing that her parents are in the throes of a midlife sexual renaissance, and have adapted the shed at the bottom of the garden for her to live in

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    I ve been reading Lindsey Kelk for years she is without a doubt one of my all time favourite authors I have read all of her adult novels and have always really enjoyed them So much so that as soon as she announces a new novel I hit that preorder button However there s always a certain trepidation I experience whenever I embark on a new read by her Will it be as good as past novels Can she really deliver something so funny again Etc etc So it is with the greatest delight and relief

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    Oh dear I know lots of people loved this but I m really sorry to say I found it boring This is the first book I ve read by this author and it will be the last.Thanks to Netgalley for an ARC

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    Oof this book hits close to home and because of that of course it is amazing Lindsey Kelk has been making me laugh for over 10 years now and she continued to do so with this latest novel believe me that is a big accomplishment in the climate we re living in right now I loved this book from start to finish and I think everyone should read it Ros is fab and is so easy to relate to She finds herself moving back in with her parents after starting off a new life in Washington I really felt for Oof th

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    Well, well, well What a book My first thought is that I laughed so hard I did a lil wee Really I did.Then I cried And then I laughed a lot .Ros is a genuinely likable character I loved her and really want to be friends with her, Sumi, Lucy and even Adrian Her parents are fabulously bonkers, which I adored And thanks to them, although I have never eaten sushi, now I never will There were some fantastic adventures, some hilarious mishaps and lots of drama to keep you intrigued and inve Well, well, well W

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    This was a rare beast a chick lit with quality, well drawn characters, wit and a little pathos that was just enough to make me think and question what I d do, if I d want to go back and recreate that time that I think I loved Funnily enough I ve read a gazillion second chance romance stories where the couple do get back in touch after being wrenched apart, they work to overcome whatever deeply held hostility misunderstanding had got in between them and discover they were destined to be togethe This was a rare

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    I ve just spent the most wonderful afternoon, devouring this wonderful new book from Lindsey Kelk I absolutely adore this author and it is always a treat to be able to delve into her latest book And this was no exception, from the moment we see that Ros who has moved back to her parents after a few years in Washington, has had her bedroom relocated, you knew you were in for an amusing read For they have set her up in a shed in the garden for her and their privacy Not only is it her bedroom I ve just spent the most w

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    Firstly thank you to harpercollinsuk and netgalley for the review copy of this book In Case You Missed It is LindseyKelk s next stand alone novel, out at the end of July Where to start Lindsey is one of my absolute go to authors I ve read all of her books and just like those books, I absolutely love, love, LOVED this Our main character is Ros After living and working in Washington DC she finds herself abruptly uprooting her life and ending up living back at her parents albeit not i Firstly thank you to harpercollinsuk and

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    Lindsey Kelk novels are like a good friend you can rely on they always make you smile, sometimes laugh out loud and keep you going on harder than normal days In the nicest possible way her books are usually predictable but you usually have a great time with cringe worthy exploits and characters that get up to all sorts of shenanigans So when I received this latest book I turned the pages in eager anticipation ready to see what light hearted antics her new characters would get up too I felt th Lindsey Kelk novels are like a good f

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    Ros returns to London from her prestigious job in the US producing a radio show Unfortunately she doesn t return in triumph and is forced to sleep in her parents shed because they have converted her bedroom into a yoga studio for her mother.Ros sends a group email to her entire address book to let them know she is back in the UK and would love to get in touch And who contacts her None other than Patrick, the intellectual travel journalist who broke her heart Is this a chance for Ros to turn Ros returns to London from her prestigious job

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