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Girl, Serpent, Thorn A Captivating And Utterly Original Fairy Tale About A Girl Cursed To Be Poisonous To The Touch, And Who Discovers What Power Might Lie In Such A CurseThere Was And There Was Not, As All Stories Begin, A Princess Cursed To Be Poisonous To The Touch But For Soraya, Who Has Lived Her Life Hidden Away, Apart From Her Family, Safe Only In Her Gardens, It S Not Just A StoryAs The Day Of Her Twin Brother S Wedding Approaches, Soraya Must Decide If She S Willing To Step Outside Of The Shadows For The First Time Below In The Dungeon Is A Demon Who Holds Knowledge That She Craves, The Answer To Her Freedom And Above Is A Young Man Who Isn T Afraid Of Her, Whose Eyes Linger Not With Fear, But With An Understanding Of Who She Is Beneath The PoisonSoraya Thought She Knew Her Place In The World, But When Her Choices Lead To Consequences She Never Imagined, She Begins To Question Who She Is And Who She Is Becominghuman Or Demon Princess Or Monster

About the Author: Melissa Bashardoust

Melissa Bashardoust pronounced BASH ar doost received her degree in English from the University of California, Berkeley, where she rediscovered her love for creative writing, children s literature, and fairy tales and their retellings She currently lives in Southern California with a cat named Alice andcopies of Jane Eyre than she probably needs Girls Made of Snow and Glass is her first novel.As much as I appreciate you all, I m not active on Goodreads, so if you d like to get in touch, please see the contact page on my website above Thanks and happy reading

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    find this review others on my blog The story of the Shah s twin sister came to the people of Atashar as most rumors do, as a drifting set of jokes and have you heards that combined and recombined themselves slowly into a single tale a poisonous girl with the blood of a div moving in her veins, a burden to her family, living in the shadows, cursed and reviled But unlike most r

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    A poisonous girl threatens the people s lives who dare to touch her intentionally or accidentally Poor Soraya suffers from loneliness, is exiled from her inner circle, living in the shadows because poison flows through her veins and she can kill somebody anytime But a mysterious boy gets interested with her situation and he seems like he is not afraid of her You may think what a great

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    I am both the Sleeping Beauty and the enchanted castle the princess drowses in the castle of her fleshAngela Carter, VampirellaAs someone who is new to Melissa Bashardoust s novels, I can t really say how this novel compares to her previous one, but what I can say is that Girl, Serpent, Thorn is a delightful breath of fresh air in the YA fantasy genre I m always on the search for fairytale ret

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    Pages 336 Expected publication July 7, 2020Dark, Unexpected and Completely Original This book was totally different than I thought it would be I expected something along the lines of Rapunzel, with a princess locked away in a castle only to be rescued by a prince who is able to see who she really is despite her differences However what I got was a girl who didn t just sit in her room locked away and w

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    Ahh I m so excited to get my hands on a copy This one looks so good PS check out this week s BookTube Video to see why I m psyched about this one and the other fabulous books I picked up A new BookTube Video is Up all about whether you should buy, borrow or burn 2020 YA books Let me know what you think The Written Review UPDATEJust finished this one Ended up being pretty good Full review to come Ahh I m so exci

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    You could kill me with a single touch Why should you ever be afraid of anyone 4.5 This book was captivating and unexpected, filled with Persian mythology and culture Our main protagonist, Soraya, the sister of the Shah, is cursed she is poisonous to the touch causing almost instant death to most living and breathing things she touches Living a life of exile in the palace, we witness her loneliness, jealousies and fear o

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    slams hand on table I wantedGAYrtc, 3.5 maybe

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    inspired by Persian mythology, has a morally grey bi mc who is spending the book teetering on the edge of villainy, monster girlfriends, transportive writing that sucks you directly into the world and SO many twists and turns, please add it to your pre order listsfull review to come

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    did someone summon me I heard the magic wordsantiheroine arc and f f and bisexual mc.The first thought I had immediately after finishing this and throughout, really is that I think it would have thrived as a duology That is not to say it does not make a satisfying standalone it does , but there are two identifiable parts to the book and I felt like the antiheroine arc could ve beenreally good if pulled over two books, as would the development of

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    This book wasn t on my radar but it came today in my MAY FairyLoot yes, still covid late Here s a pic of the stuff with the exception of the bath salts I tossed them off to the side and forgot to add them Anyhoo1 Bookish Tin inspired by We Hunt The Flame2 Bookish Wooden Spoon with a quote from Hero Of The Fall3 Tea Towel inspired by The City Of Brass4 Desert Bath Salts 5 Tribal Desert Candle inspired by An Ember In The Ashes6 Sunglasses Pouch with quote f

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