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Playing Nice What If You Found Out That Your Family Isn T Yours At All How Far Would You Go To Protect Them A Gripping New Psychological Thriller From The Bestselling Author Of The Girl Before Pete Riley Answers The Door One Morning And Lets In A Parent S Worst Nightmare On His Doorstep Is Miles Lambert, A Stranger Who Breaks The Devastating News That Pete S Son, Theo, Isn T Actually His Son He Is The Lamberts , Switched At Birth By An Understaffed Hospital While Their Real Son Was Sent Home With Miles And His Wife, Lucy For Pete, His Partner Maddie, And The Little Boy They Ve Been Raising For The Past Two Years, Life Will Never Be The Same AgainThe Two Families, Reeling From The Shock, Take Comfort In Shared Good Intentions, Eagerly Entwining Their Very Different Lives In The Hope Of Becoming One Unconventional Modern Family But A Plan To Sue The Hospital Triggers An Official Investigation That Unearths Some Disturbing Questions About The Night Their Children Were Switched How Much Can They Trust The Other Parents Or Even Each Other What Secrets Are Hidden Behind The Lamberts Glossy Front Door Stretched To The Breaking Point, Pete And Maddie Discover They Will Each Stop At Nothing To Keep Their Family SafeThey Are Done Playing Nice

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    I never intended to read this entire book yesterday but once I started I could not walk away from it.Imagine someone showing up on your doorstep one day and explaining that your child, the toddler you love and cherish, isn t your biological childthat a mistake had been made at the hospital during

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    A mother s love for her child is like nothing else in the world It knows no law, no pity It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path The Last Seance from The Hound of Death and Other Stories, also Double Sin and Other Stories Agatha Christie, The Hound of Death Pete and M

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    Can you imagine during your mid day somebody knocking on your door and when you answer it, you see a man standing in front of you looks like older version of your son There are three options for you to express your feelings 1 Slamming the door shut at the man s face and form a plan to kill your spouse for her infide

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    Hello, friends Meet my first 5 star stunner of 2020 I ve had a few 4.5 star reads which I ve rounded up, but Playing Nice has become the understated hit of my reading season thus far I confess, after The Perfect Wife, a story of which I was NOT a fan, I honestly didn t have high hopes going in However, since I really enjoyed

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    Playing nice is not something Miles Lambert has ever even tried to be good at Mid way through the book we will find out just how manipulating and forceful he can be.Pete and Maggie have been raising a son, Theo, for two years, loving him, teaching him to learn and to play nice with his friends Theo is a great little boy, energetic and

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    If I were Forrest Gump, or perhaps his mother, I would say, J P Delaney books are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you re gonna get Nothing formulaic, about this author s work The first was suspense, the second read like a screenplay, the third had a sci fi feel, and now comes Playing Nice one that will feel like a family drama for

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    Most of us would do anything for our family, especially our children But imagine finding out your 2 year old isn t your biological child That during an emergency in the NICU there was a mix up at birth This is the dilemma facing Maddie and Pete In the beginning, everyone is playing nice as they attempt to work out an amicable arrangement Both sets of pare

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    JP Delaney s latest offering is a tense and riveting blend of family drama and psychological thriller that explores the emotionally charged feelings and complexities of the dilemma faced by parents in London, making the shocking discovery that their two year old toddler son is not their child, he was mixed up with their actual biological baby at the neonatal intens

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    Wow, what a horrible thing to happen to a family, to two families Two years after Maggie and Pete have the agonizing time of their son Theo being born months early, and all the heartbreak that goes with such a tiny premature baby, a man enters their life and tells them that Theo is his son, that their babies were accidentally switched not long after they were born and sent t

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    For Pete Riley, freelance journalist and stay at home dad and partner Maddie who works in advertising, it s just an ordinary day getting their boisterous son two year old Theo ready to go to nursery Theo has difficulty playing nice if he s doesn t get what he wants Then their world is turned upside down, so much so it s like they ve fallen into some alternate universe following someth

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