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Primal Impulse (Primal Alphas, #2) Mia and Griff Such a wonderful read Full of suspense, action, fighting, adventure and especially Alpha Male steam Everything you look for in a book by Lizzy Bequin This is another of her Primal Books Mia and Griff and wonderful characters Mia goes through all of the emotional gambits as she finds out about Griff Griff is a typical Alpha Male, all testosterone Sometimes you just want him to beat on his chest and yell like Tarzan I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. The characters were authentic and believable, their emotions intense, and the story line both horrific and sewsumGriff had escaped from the Facility when he heard a woman scream, Mia was the barmaid and had been attacked by six bikers and Griff knew he would have to save her She was a little woman with the heart of a lion and when he left he took her with him However, he was soon captured and not only did they return him to the facility they took her there as well His protection of her mate her the ideal woman to be turned into a modified Omega, perfect for him to impregnate This is the second book in the series, when Griff is transported off site, the transport vechicle was attacked by a rogue Alpha Griff was released and with the help of the rogue Alpha they returned to rescue their mates This was an enthrawling paranormal story based on inhumane experimental treatment, turning normal men into wild Alpha beast, tamed only by their omega mates The characters were authentic and believable, their emotions intense, and the story line both horrific and dramatic.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. I Thought I Was Being Rescued I Was Wrong I Thought This Dangerously Handsome, Rugged, And Sexy Alpha Was My Savior But When He Tosses Me Over His Muscular Shoulder And Carries Me Off Into The Night, I Realize Just How Wrong A Girl Can Be He Has A Dark Past He S Hunted By A Mysterious Organization And Now They Are Hunting Me Too They Say They Re Going To Transform Me Into The Perfect Mate They Say They Re Going To Make Me Project Omega I Thought I Was Being Rescued I Was Wrong This M F Omegaverse Romance Is The Second Book In The Primal Alphas Series While The Stories In The Series Are Connected, Each Book Can Be Read As A Standalone There Are No Cliffhangers, No Cheating, And An HEA Every Time LOVED IT AS GOOD AS THE FIRST, BUT WAY MORE SPICIER IN ITS OWN WAY.GRIFF certainly made an impression when he popped right into the Alaskan bar wearing nothing but his birthday suit and sort of rescued MIA from a bunch of big bikers, who happened to be mauling her Having escaped from the facility, he was desperate to make a long run for it but first he needed clothes and food Taking MIA with him was never part of the plan but they were soon stuck together and the attraction between them YUM MIA initially was just a normal human until they were both captured by the Facility people and MIA got turned into a delicious Omega Let s just say mating between them takes a whole new level, and the fact that GRIFF got his dick enhanced to mimic a dog s I have to admit, that s my favourite part Adds the primal into the animal mating instincts OVERALL it was pure smut, but I enjoyed the emotions between the characters While it was insta love, it wasn t the kind I d love to hate on Can t wait for the next installation Omegaverse authors are so hard to find in abundance Mia is cornered by six bikers when a huge naked man saves her.Mia got a job as waitress in the run down diner after the man she was with dumped her in this out of the way Alaskan town and she sleeps on a cot out the back of the diner A group of six bikers come in and are yelling at Mia to get drink then the start harassing a young couple touching and pawing the young woman and punching the man when he tries to defend her Mia loses her temper and hits the the biker with a bottle she was carrying and the biker falls to the floor In the stunned aftermath the couple run out and get away Then the biker surround Mia intending ti assault her Suddenly a huge naked man enters and beats all the bikers unconscious I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. I have got to tell you When I read the first book in this series, I thought Wow, what a great new twist the omegaverse genre, but can she do it again Well, the answer is YES, yes she can Great world building with a unique take on what I think is a difficult genre There are a lot of picky readers I should know, I m one of them in this genre that will tear a book apart, but I really think that this is a solid book and series This isn t your usual Omegaverse book These are characters that started off human then were experimented on Though it may not fully fall into the Omegaverse , I think the character display enough of the characteristics to qualify and not just the author calling them Alpha or Omega.The characters grow on you as the plot develops and before you know it by the end, you can t wait to learn about the next Alpha experiment You won t regret giving it a chance.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. What an absolutely amazing book Full of action, hope, suffering, fighting spirit and romance It totally catches your attention and keeps you hooked until the end So many twists and turns I give this book a definite recommendation Mia works in a bar trying to get enough money to leave town Not easy Then one night so bikers come in Just as they are about to hurt her, Griff shows up looking for keys to a bike Griff just escaped from the Facility, with no memory of the past, just the horror of what he has suffered He save Mia and then takes her with him, to patch him up Then the wranglers catch upI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Love the story of Mia and Griff From bartender to running away with a nude Superman type of Alpha Character build and memories forgotten to avoid the pain only to find it again Running in Alaska would be a little cold but Griff could help that issue A crazed professor for a villain in the Faciliy hidden in the woods is definitely a page turner HEA no cliffhangers and cameos from another book COOL..I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Mia dropped out of medical school after four years of college to follow her boyfriend to Alaska, but six months later he left her and moved in with another woman Mia is still stuck in Alaska living paycheque to paycheque Then one night some bikers came into the bar she was working in They started to get out of control and before she knows it, the head biker has a knife up to her face threatening her Then suddenly, a naked man walks into the bar and before they know it, all the bikers are out cold.Griff was a serviceman who was signed up into an Alpha program that the government had set up with a deranged professor who was working with doctors to create the best form of man and woman to be stronger, faster and better able to be used as weapons Griff escaped and made his way to the bar to take one of the bikes from the MC group terrorising the bar.Griff rescued Mia but took her with him to help her get away but to also help sew up his wounds The Facility people capture Griff, but now take Mia to be his omega They alter Mia physically as well and try to mate them so the professor can create the perfect alpha who he can train and control totally to do everything he says.But things don t go as planned, other alphas and omegas escape the facility and destroy the labs and kill the professor They all escape and have their happily ever after.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. This m f omegaverse romance was super enjoyable I enjoyed it than the first novel in the series, and I enjoyed that one quite a bit The sex scenes were sizzling hot and this one was action packed from start to finish I enjoyed how protective the hero was of the heroine and how the heroine fell in love with his honorable heroic qualities The heroine also was able to brutally kill the scientists threatening to kill her fetus I always enjoy it when the author of a romance novel lets the heroine get her own revenge on those who mistreat her I loved the development of the love and mating bond between the hero and heroine, and that this novel was fantasy fulfillment for me in several different ways, with the heroine being mated to an honorable, hot super soldier who gave her amazing orgasms and the fact that the heroine got her own violent revenge on her own tormenters I also enjoyed the epilogue showing their HEA with baby on the way This novel scratched all my itches.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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