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He S Half My Age He Cooks He Fusses Over My Bad Sleeping Habits, And Knows How To Handle A Gun Our Little Reprieve During A Mission Can Only Mean One Thing My Guard Is Down And The Enemy I Hunt Is Watching Me, Waiting For The Perfect Time To Strike The Time Is Now Sidone (Hordesmen, #3)

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    Badass.as in Sidone totally is Her handling her axesseriously badass She definitely protects what s hersand her favorite nephew I love that Sidone is a female alpha and that she got her own book Just as driven and all business as the male alphas And she has the same hilariously honest personality that they do too, and it totally cracks me up Kade is the Hordesman s chef and baker of the all famous cookies , and the

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    Omg Milana Sidone and Kade s story was so exciting and erotic i couldn t put it down it was fantastic she is the alpha female and knows what she wants and went for it Thank you for writing this alphas book it is definitely worth reading this book You won t be disappointed

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    Loved that this one gave us a female alpha Sidone was bad ass her omega Cade was such a sweetheart Plenty of action, some laughs a few dead bad guys The tease of Sotay s story has me ready for the next book.

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    This was a hard one for me to rate In previous books, I have loved Sidone as a character and was excited to see her finally featured in a book with a male Omega What is it like to be a coddled, rare female Regha Alpha who kicks total ass and takes names with the best of them, but you re still treated like something too precious to live freely However.This one lacked some of the magic of the previous books There s still plent

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    Something new I have never read a female Alpha story, but I felt early on in the series, when we first met Sidone, that her story just had to be told.This was a beautiful read and a good way of easing into a female Alpha male Omega dynamic.The reason I m not giving it than 3 stars though, is because I still get confused during fight scenes I feel too detached when reading them, and I find them too superficial, like there is to

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    While following a shooter Kane triggers Sidones heat The timming is bad, she not only has the shooter, but the guy who orders him as well as an old vendetta to take care off before she even thinks about the future But things change when her heat hits and they need to fight thier enemies during her transition It was interesting how the Alpha Omega dynamic is like when the roles are reversed Sidone has been a interesting character s

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    This novel was not what I expected I have been waiting for Sidone s story since her character was introduced in the Vemlox story during the original Hordesman series Sidone s novel is fast paced with lots of action and a little bit of back story of what brought Sidone to Earth I was hoping, like many readers, to get information on what happened to Sidone when she came to Earth as an ambassador for Regha There are a few glimpses, how

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    Different because the alien is a dominant female.Sidone is a hordeswoman She is an aggressive warrior Kade is a human omega Together they chase after the assassin who attempted to murder a female human omega Sidone is strong She is ferocious with her enemies She takes command of Jade and makes him her mate I like the action and the steamy scenes It is nice to see a woman in control.

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    This was extraordinarily awesome wonderful and captivating and entertaining and delicious and oh so funny From now on I am a very great fan of Alpha Horde Females and Omega Males who can handle a pan and a gun Great characters, captivating story development and interesting insides of the dynamic between Alpha Sidone and Omega Kade You can t leave your upbringing behind you but you can handle it differently by yourself Thanks a lot

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    I really wanted to see if the female alpha might change my mind about the series but nope I found this book actually difficult to understand I m disappointed since I loved

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