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Captive Omega Eh I really wanted to like thisI rarely leave a review but I want to give everyone a chance to know that the ending was pretty awful Almost unbelievably abrupt with no explanation to how they got thereSpoiler they escaped their spaceship during a rebellion using an escape pod the the next scene is the epilogue where she s back on earth, pregnant and attending her sisters wedding They re in hiding from the rebellion and then the book ends. Started out strong but ending wrapped up far too quickly I do appreciate that it wasn t a cliff hanger but I definitely have questions Looking forward to the next in the series to see if they are answered there There was SO MUCH POTENTIAL here It started out strong new and interesting ideas for the genre, but then rushed to the end And there was ZERO passion between the h and H Like it came time for sex and the author closed their eyes and hoped for the best Disappointed. The Invasion Is Real And So Is The Unbreakable Bond Between An Alpha And His Forbidden Omega I Ve Been Studying The Stars And Preparing For The Coming Alien Invasion But There S One Thing I Could Never Be Ready For The Way My Body Responds When I Come Face To Face With An Alpha Stolen From My Family And Taken Aboard A Glittering Spaceship, I Must Make Peace With The Fact I M An Omega And That I M Promised To An Alien On Another Planet Who I Ve Never Met As I Make My Way Toward The Unknown, I Find Myself Drawn To Drax, The Stubborn, Cold Alpha Who Commands The Ship The Primal Attraction Between Us Might Just Be Our Undoing Abducted, Scared, And Filled With Confusing Desires, I Learn The Galaxy Will Soon Be At War Can I Find A Way Back Home Or Will I Discover That Home Is Wherever Drax Is Don T Miss Captive Omega, The First Of The Earthborn Omegas Series By Riley Carver If You Like Omegaverse Stories, Alien Warrior Romances, Happy Endings, Or Handsome Alphas Who Are Always In Control, You Won T Be Able To Put This Book Down.

About the Author: Riley Carver

Riley Carver is a sci fi fanatic who grew up reading the greats When she first encountered Omegaverse stories, she knew she d found her genre Riley is from Maryland, where she lives with her husband and a rambunctious cat.

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