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Primal Mate (Alphas of Sandor #2) It Happened At The Worst Possible Time Nobody Knows My Terrible Secret Not My Friends, Not My Colleagues, Not Even My Powerful Father All This Time, I Ve Been Living And Working Amongst Them As A Respected, High Powered Alpha Woman The Only Thing Saving Me From Certain Ruin And The Destruction Of My Dreams Are The Suppressants I Take Daily, The Medication I Ve Been Using To Hide In Plain Sight Because, In Truth, I M An Omega And Then The Unthinkable Happens The Suppressants Stop Working In A Crowded Room Full Of Alpha Men, One Of Whom Decides We Re Fated To Be Together He Will Pursue Me Until I Surrender But While My Body Craves Him, I Refuse To Give Up My Life To Become Nothing Than An Alpha S Mate Publisher S Note This Dark MF Omegaverse Romance Contains Elements Of Power Exchange And Explicit Scenes Which May Trigger Some Readers

About the Author: Tabitha Black

USA Today bestselling author Tabitha Black has been writing erotic spanking fiction for over a decade, mostly in the age play and historical genres More recently, she s discovered the joys of writing contemporary, edgier books with a greater emphasis on BDSM one of which, Sharing Silver, has been nominated for a Golden Flogger award and won the Spanking Romance Reviews award for best m nag

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    Fantastic OmegaverseIt was market night at the facility and all available alphas and omegas had to attend so they could find their mates Clara was in a panic as she realized her suppressants had failed and she could be scented and exposed as an omega, not the female alpha that she showed to the world Evander caught her scent and whisked her away so he could claim he

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    If you re looking for an Alpha Omega book that isn t too harsh as many are then I d recommend this Authors even those who didn t start out doing so are increasingly writing darker and darker books I assume to stand out in a crowded market While they may be gaining new fans, they re also at least in my case leaving old ones behind proving, I know, that you can t please all of

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    Fear , Anger , Lust , Love He ll never let her go.Resistance is FutileClara has been masquerading as an Alpha woman all of her adult life with the help of supressants She is a medical researcher and spends her free time working on new, black market suppressants Every month, unmated Alphas are required to go to a party where unmated Omega men and women are presented to them Clara thou

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    I am voluntarily writing this review for this book I received through Booksprouts arc.Clara was an Omega even though she was taking a pill to mask her Omega scent Her life was going well until her pills stopped working in the middle of a Alpha encounter Evander was walking past Clara when all of a sudden he got the feeling of wanting to rut but he kept walking but the feeling was getting fain

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    I m still reading my way through Omegaverse books but this one by Tabitha Black was one of the best ones I ve read Clara and Evander are hot together and while this was a quick read, it was packed with all kinds of emotions I wanted so maybe we ll see of them in another book I hope there are to come

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    Book 2 in this Alphas of Sandor series, an Omegaverse read, not overly dark but of course full of highly sexual content with very possessive Alphas I like this world, its a good take on the Omegaverse, not too OTT with a good story line, well worth the read Clara was born an Omega but has managed to keep this a secret and life the life of an Alpha by taking suppressants in order to hide what she really is But

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    Be prepared for a book full of action and lots of steam love scenes and am omega fighting to keep her own identity when the odds are against her A really good read.Clara is an omega but has grown up pretending to be an Alpha If she is found out, she will lose her freedom, her friends, her job and everything she has worked for Every month the alpha s have to go to the Facility to search for their mates amongst the omega

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    A great follow up to Primal PossessionWhilst this book can easily be read as a stand alone, Book 1 does provide world building and some useful background information It s also a great read and one I m happy to recommend, though I would say it had a darker edge to it than this one Primal Mate has some elements of dub con and a non con event view spoiler the mating bite hide spoiler

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    I totally enjoyed reading this splendid Sci Fi omegaverse romance with a slightly dark undertone It has an interesting, well paced plot that is full of unexpected incidents has some good scene descriptions world building The characters are strong willed individuals with realistic emotional flaws continue to develop throughout the story line to ultimately complement each other There is a female medical researcher omega Clara masquerading

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    Tabitha Black has taken us back to Sandor and her omegaverse Her world is lighter than some of the other MF omegaverse books out there, but that doesn t mean that they aren t every bit as good as the rest of the books out there Because they really are fantastic Her world is incredible, and it s an interesting way of looking at the omegaverse Clara has been hiding her true dynamic for years She s an omega who has been passing as an alpha for year

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