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Completed by Their Manny (Mannys Mannies #5) Completed by Their Manny is the fifth book in the Manny s Mannies series by Lorelei M Hart It is a sweet mpreg romance between three sexy men Pace, Adam and Linc are fun characters and I adore the adorable Penny and Beau, those kids are so precious I love the two Omegas and one Alpha theme and with these three, the dynamic is wonderful Sweet and adorable but with the steamy moments, this book is a fantastic read that also gives you the feels Love it This is book 5 of the Manny s Mannies series but can be read as a stand alone What can be better than two hot men..three hot men Pace is a Manny that has been called back home due to the poor health of his father Being a Royal trained Manny, helps him to get a job as a Manny in the states He finds himself employed by Manny s Mannies and working for two hot men, Alpha Linc and Omega Adam Linc and Adam are the fathers of 2 sweet kids but need help They don t realize that something else is missing until Pace walks though the door Sparks fly, emotions ignite, and fantasies come to fruition with these 3 Enjoy their journey to HEA.Written as a 1st person, multi pov Nice story line, great characters, engaging dialogue, and easy to visualize descriptions of detail All in all, a great read.Would I recommend this book YesWould I read from this author YesSassy Beta Reading and ReviewI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Home Is Where Your Family Is Fleeing A Heart Crushing Break Up After Discovering His Infertility, Omega Pace Moves Across An Ocean To Become A Classically Trained Manny When His Father S Health Declines, He Leaves His Job With A Minor Branch Of The Royal Family To Be By His Side And Signs On With Manny S Mannies To Take A Temporary Local Job Locally Sometimes Achieving Your Goals Isn T All It S Cracked Up To Be While Adam Loves His Children, He Doesn T See His Life As A Stay At Home Omega Soaring In His Career, He Finds Balancing Work And Home Challenging At Best, Especially When His Job Takes On A Much Serious Tone As A Take Over Looms Sometimes Doing Everything For Your Family Means Admitting You Can T Do It On Your Own Alpha Lincoln Will Do Anything For His Family He Loves Them With All He Is He Puts The Same Passion Into His Career As A Physician, Going Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty To Achieve What His Family Needs Seeing His Omega Struggling, He Does The Only Thing He Can Think Of To Helphe Calls Manny Pace Walks Into His Interview, Immediately Sees A Family In Need, And Pushes Back His Attraction To The Two Hot Men Who Will Become His Boss Their Children Need Out Of The Chaos Their Lives Have Become And His Training Makes Him A Perfect Fit Little Does He Know That They Are Exactly What He Needs As Well Completed By Their Manny Is A Super Sweet With Knotty Heat MMM Mpreg Romance Featuring Two Adorable Kids Who Would Keep Anyone On Their Toes, An Omega Father Who Knows All Too Well The Meaning Of Father Guilt, A Smexy Alpha Doctor Trying To Hold It All Together, And The Manny Who Will Complete Their Family In A Way They Could Never Have Imagined Completed By Their Manny Is The Fifth Book In The Popular Manny S Mannies Series, Featuring Hot Dads, Their Adorable Children, And The Manny Who Becomes So Much For the record, I received an Advanced Review Copy of this book with the request that I leave an honest review for other potential readers That having been said, here is my honest opinion and review This is a cute and fun read The plot revolves around finding your place and purpose whether or not you think you need one It has some very serious moments involving bad health and possible death as well as some funny moments children and their antics The world that they live in is well crafted and very believable The portrait of a moderately sized town and the lives within it are easy to understand and respond too Each of the characters are well developed with unique personalities and motivations The doctor and the businessman who are both fathers trying to provide a home for their two young children and needing help to cope with everyday activities with their busy schedules is a theme that we can sympathize with The writing style is excellent and easy to read The story flows well and doesn t bog down in any way All in all a great story As to whether or not the story is worth the time to read it, my answer is yes It is definitely worth the time. such a sweet story I didn t realize it was an mmm until I started reading it and I didn t know how it was going to tur out at first and they were going to all make it work but the author did a good job with showing the connection between the three of them right away and it only growing from there This was a bit of a slow burn Three people came together when they needed eachother the most Two exhausted mates who were struggling juggling their family life and careers decided to hire a manny to help out with the stress they were suffering at home but they never expected to him to turn into be so much than just just that They never realized they were missing someone form their relationship into fate brought them their new loveable manny I really enjoyed this one, it was really sweet and cute I read it pretty quickly. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.I think this book is one of those it s me, not you issues There was nothing wrong with the story, but it just missed the mark for me It had so many elements I normally like in an MMM story it s a relationship with all 3 rather than 2 of them focusing on the third , they actually consider there could be issues with bringing a third into the relationship, and there was good chemistry between all of them But the story just stalled for me at parts There was a lot of chemistry between Pace, Adam, and Linc, but I would have liked to see communication before they started a relationship between Pace and the others I also felt like we didn t really get enough family time in this story, I would have liked to see scenes with the 3 of them with the kids. This is the story of Pace who has to give up a great job and return home to care for his ailing father The move back brings back old pains of his husband leaving and the reality that he can never be a father Since he is a manny, he finds a job near his dad Is he ready for the flood gates that this will open The ups and downs of the storyline are intensified and feel realistic due to the strength, emotions and internal battles of the characters Great read I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Two busy husbands are looking for a manny, before their children suffer too much from their career choices They get Pace, a manny trained in the UK by the Royal Institute for Mannies, who needs to go home, because his father is seriously ill It is love on all sides almost immediately, but being employers employee complicates the matter A wonderful love story with plenty of human interest, funny situations thanks to the children and a well told story all around.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review In this book we meet Pace, Adam, and Lincoln Pace is an omega who can t have children So when his Alpha leaves him for another who can give him this he does the only thing he can think of at the time leave the country and go to school to become a manny Things are good for a number of years until his uncle tells him he needs to come home he doesn t think his dad has much time left on this earth Heartbroken for everything he is about to lose he does the only thing he knows and goes to work as a manny in the states for a new family Adam and Lincoln are an established couple but even though Adam loves his children he wants not only for him but his alpha as well that is why he went back to work Things are suffering though with both dads working all the time so after some discussion they agree they need help What they didn t expect was when Pace entered their home he was exactly the men would want as well as their children Will they all get a HEA or will it all go up in flames again when they learn what Pace has been keeping from them This is a great story It does have its ups and downs I really want to tell you about However I don t want to ruin the story for any other readers I will say this book shows it doesn t matter who you are raising children can take a lot out of a person I was very impressed how the author show it without it being overdone in the story I would highly recommend it to anyone. Your love, respect and Grace as a good son, shines through Pace, Omega finds out he s infertile is thrown out by his husband, who already got his assistant pregnant Pace signs up with Royal Manniy Acadamy, 3 years schooling, 1 year internship anticipating working with rich famous He then goes back to states and signs on with Manny s Mannies to be near his sick father who needs treatments and surgery Adam, Omega loves his career and needs help with his kids Lincoln, doctor, Alpha wants to help Adam so he calls Mannies Pace sees a need and immediately steps up He represses his attraction to the two men Adam and Lincoln discuss they are both attracted to Pace and find he smells amazing He is concerned about his Dad and thinks they smell amazing Adam brought up the idea of thruple, with Linc, then walked it back when Lincoln didn t jump on it But he still thinks of it Linc has thoughts of Pace also Pace undergoes a potential tragedy and Adam and Linc step up Do the men have the courage to express their feelings What does it do to the marriage Does Pace think of how his feelings affect the marriage, the children What a dilemma There are many challenges facing this family Can the men make the right decision that is best for all Nice story This is a very, seat of your chair story You root for everyone, hoping everyone can be a winner Good flow Likeable characters I received and ARC from Booksprout for a review.

About the Author: Lorelei M. Hart

Lorelei M Hart is the cowriting team of USA Today Bestselling Authors Kate Richards and Ever Coming Friends for years, the duo decided to come together and write one of their favorite guilty pleasures Mpreg There is something that just does it for them about smexy men who love each other enough to start a family together in a world where they can do it the old fashioned way.

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