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Captive Wolf (The Wildcrest Pack, #1) An Alpha Who Thirsts For Blood Discovers His Greatest Temptation Yet An Omega Who Belongs To The Enemy As A Bloodstrain Wolf, Roman Redthorne Is One Of The Most Feared Shifters In The Surrounding Territories, And For Good Reason His Family Line Has Been Closely Guarded For Generations, All With The Intent Of Strengthening The Rare Trait That Allows Them To Draw Power From The Blood Of Their Enemies There S Only One Rule A Powerful Alpha Like Roman Must Obey Find An Omega Who Ll Strengthen The Line Jake Certainly Isn T That, But When Roman Is Betrayed And Left For Dead By His Own Brother, The Feisty Omega Who Takes Him Home Makes Him Question Everything He Thought He Knew Captive Behind Enemy Lines, Roman Will Have To Fight For His Freedom But What If Freedom Doesn T Mean What He Always Thought Captive Wolf Is The First Book In The Wildcrest Pack Series This Is A Standalone Mpreg Romance With A Cold As Ice Alpha And The Fiery Omega Who Makes Him Melt, A Loving Pack Of Close Knit Shifters, And A Guaranteed HEA Captive Wolf Coming October Shattered Wolf Coming Early November Scarred Wolf TBD Little Wolf TBD Bound Wolf TBD Omgoodness I am thrilled I decided to put this off until a Saturday so I could read it all in one sitting I think I would have had a serious book hangover at work if I hadn t I absolutely loved this book.This book was so unique in some ways, but traditional in others The characters are so well developed, it s like you actually immerse yourself into the story with them In this reality, shifters and humans coexist, although humans are still wary due to the constant state of war among the packs The current battle has been raging for centuries.Roman is from the Redthorn pack a battle crazed, literally bloodthirsty, soulless group of wolves He is the heir apparent, and his older brother is not happy about that fact But the Bloodstrain runs stronger through his veins, and it is extremely important in the pack for the Strain to remain true Mates are there to procreate, not to love Redthorn wolves don t experience emotions that way.Jake is from the Wildcrest pack, a strong, yet very close knit and supportive pack They have recently lost their Alpha, and gained a controlling alphahole in his place But Jake holds out hope that he will find his true mate, even though most wolves have given up on the idea When he is on patrol, he is confronted by Roman, but inexplicably, Roman lets him go.After a betrayal by an unexpected, yet not too surprising front, Roman is taken as a prisoner of war by the Wildcrest pack Eventually, Jason, the pack Alpha, makes him an offer he can t refuse But only after Roman finds himself in an unexpected situation with Jake in the dungeon.As Roman builds trust among his enemies, he finds himself drawn and toward Jake The war rages on, but so do the unexplainable changes taking place within Roman The secondary characters are strong throughout the story, and play a large part in the lives of the MCs Especially Umber, Damen, and Gabriel, the half demon.Political intrigues and machinations try to make power plays, but Roman finds himself concerned about his new family s safety and the pack he is starting to feel a kinship with He may be a traitor to his own pack, but he has his reasons.When the tides turn, and new leadership is installed, everything changes It may not be a permanent fix, but it is a good start The author sets the stage for the next book in this series clearly, and the possibilities are endless for This is definitely a happily ever after for now ending it is a series after all I can t wait to see what happens next.Happy reading well written and developed characters good storyline with a bit of uniqueness thrown into this it was fun it was action packed and it was interesting i really enjoyed it and cant wait for the next one. I really enjoyed this Cannot wait for Declan and Klaus This fantastic Mpreg romance is an excellent start to a new series I was completely enthralled from beginning to end The plot is suspenseful, well written intriguing with a outstanding world building scene descriptions The well developed characters are quite complex at times have distinctive personalities, they are inclined to be confrontational at times while they go on a journey of discovery as they continue to develop throughout the story line to ultimately complement each other There is good support from the secondary characters.There is a alpha bloodstain wolf Roman is betrayed by his cruel deceitful brother Sean left for dead but is found by a feisty omega Jake from an enemy pack, a conniving alpha Jason , a hellhound Gabriel , pack rivalry war, political pack issues, wolf shifters, humans, hunters, twists turns, suspense, drama, intrigue, deceit, betrayal, enemies, violence, conflict, danger, a honor debt, captured, imprinting, attractions, unexpected surprises, manipulations, confrontations, battles, injuries, death, meetings, decisions, alliances, love, happiness, some steamy scenes a satisfying well deserved conclusion for this couple with a interesting epilogue paving the way for the next book in this series. This was by no means an easy read It was bloody, gritty, steamy, angsty, and had very little lighter moments What I enjoyed though was that it held a lot of believable resolution, one that wasn t all happiness and roses, but one that felt hard won and completely right for the characters at the end of their journey With a very Romeo and Juliet feel to the overall story it could have taken a few unfortunate turns along the way, but thankfully their crazy road was kept focused on the points of the plot that really mattered to them Along with truly interesting side characters, this is shaping up to be a very good series.There were quite a few things that weren t awesome, I will admit Roman was interesting to me as a character because he had so much in his life that needed to be opened, changed, and softened He had the most growing to doat least when we first meet him He definitely has the most drastic changes necessary for a happy ending, but it s actually Jake that has the most growing up to do His relatively sheltered life led him to a slightly naive world view that makes progress between him and Roman stunted at times It s clear that his immaturity is of a stumbling block than Roman s seeming coldness.My interest was piqued by quite a few things as we followed Jake and Roman s story Shifter strains, bonding, fated mates and how they recognized one another, pack tensions, and omega gifts are chief among the draws to this new series It was the end of Jake and Roman s story however, that really solidified my interest There were a couple different and predictable solutions to the pack issues surrounding their mating and I ll admit to surprise that I was completely wrong on most counts The way the resolution played out was perfect for the couple and had a whole lot depth for not only them but for the packs interplay and dynamic from here on out I ll be very disappointed if the subsequent stories in the series fall short of the surprising and satisfying ending we got here since I ll be expecting, at the very least, the same quality.As Jake and Roman overcome the obstacles that appear insurmountable we re introduced to other characters, plot points for the overarching series, and bloodlines that are quite unique in the shifter and mpreg genres I m incredibly interested in learning about the different strains, their significance, and how they all can work together as the series progresses I think it s safe to say that I m in for. This was a wonderful introduction to the Wildcrest Pack The Wildcrest pack is a close pack, but now, they have a new alpha who is extremely controlling Jake is one of the holdouts for his true mate most members of his pack have long since given up on finding theirs Roman is from the Redthorn pack a pack that is polar opposites of the Wildcrest Pack Where the Wildcrest Pack is strong and supportive, the Redthorn Pack is considered soulless and than a little crazy When Roman finds himself held captive by the Wildcrest Pack, he also finds himself drawn to Jake But as the war continues to rage on, Jake and Roman have to figure out their new relationship This book is a different kind of shifter story than I am used to, but is one that is VERY well written In this book, there s the side story of the war between the shifter packs, making the humans untrusting of the shifter population This gives the story a little bit of an edge, with battle, enemies and even some traitors Both the primary and secondary characters are well written I look forward to seeing from the secondary characters in the upcoming books Overall, this is a unique, engaging read and one you should check out especially if you enjoy shifter stories WILD INTENSE HOTBook 1 of the WILDCREST PACK This is an intense introduction to the Redthorne and Wildcrest Packs wars These are packs that have been at war for Centuries Jake is an Omega in the Wildcrest Pack He grew up raised and loved by the whole pack after his parents deaths when he was a pup He is in a pack that allows it s Omegas to hunt, train and patrol They can mate with their fated mate if they are found Roman is a Redthorne Alpha, the next in line when his father chooses to step down He has been trained for this his whole life and he is their deadliest fighter in the bloodstrain line A huge betrayal to Roman, will land him in the middle of Wildcrest and Jake didn t help matters at all This is a fast paced, intense emotion, tried belief way of life to the very end I was happy but exhausted This is a MAGNIFICENT story These wolves don t give any quarter on either side This story is filled with AMAZING characters, all of them need their own book I can t wait to read the next book SO many gripping and fantastic stories are just waiting to be told I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK A Joyfully Jay review 3.25 starsThe description of this book had me intrigued to get to it right away The opening was interesting as we get caught up with pack dynamics for both Roman and Jake, and Roman is betrayed by his brother I was then expecting a good revenge story with a forbidden fated mates vibe added in, and while I did get some of that, the execution wasn t all I was hoping for.The storyline all had the same tone for me and it was largely flat once Roman is captured The Bloodstain wolves that Roman is from do not feel emotion, so I felt it was difficult to capture a romance when one of the pair doesn t feel anything There are mentions of Roman not understanding why Jake affects him so much and trying to understand what he is feeling, but overall, I didn t feel the emotion of this relationship.Read Michelle s review in its entirety here. We are inducted into an amazing new world.Humans are aware of shifters but there is war between the packs.There are different variations or strains of wolves which denegate their standing in society.Roman is the heir apparent to his pack and his brother Sean is envious of his position.When he s betrayed and captured by a neighboring, warring pack he s forced to make an alliance for survival and vengeance.He previously met Jake, an omega who strayed into his former packs territory.He allowed him to escape because there was a strange connection between them.As they get to know one another, Jake helps Roman discover that emotions aren ta distraction and a liability.Instead, he comes to realize there is a strength in them and it s not a weakness to show them.Jake and his found family were a wonderful addition to the story.There is a great cast of secondary characters that create a platform for future storylines.This was a great start to a new series with amazing world building and I eagerly await the next installment.

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Hi I m L.C Davis, author of The Mountain Shifters Series, Queer Magick and the upcoming Great Plains Shifters series I write MPREG and M M fantasy.I love hearing from readers, so feel free to reach out here on Goodreads or via email at author lcdavisbooks.com

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