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Family Ties (The Family Novak #1) PerfectI have to say when Susi and Crista started alpha, I wanted something I loved their stories all of them But this , this was what I was wanting frkm the shifter Justice It now just happens to be mafia Which is amazing I love it Loved that river and valisy finally came together. I loved River VasilyOh my God this book was amazing I loved every bit of it From beginning to end.Character breakdown River I loved him Loved how wild, sweet and independent he was And how he slowly learn what compromise meant for him and Vasily I also loved his very psychotic nature.Vasily love me a sweet big o bear He was charming and pretty bad a I loved that he accepted River and did not try to change him Favorite Quote He turned my chin toward him Then I guess I can start making up for all the missed I love yous again I love you, River I love you so much it hurts I can t imagine a day in my life without you, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure I don t have to find out what that s like A great start to the series and I cannot wait to see how the rest will follow In A World Where The Rules Are Gray And The Don S Word Is A Law Unto Itself, Only One Thing Is Sacred Family A Team ALPHA And Alphabits Spin Off Series River Erikson Is A Man On The Run After Scenting His True Mate, He S Done Everything In His Power To Escape Just Because He Was Born An Omega Doesn T Mean He Needs To Answer Fate S Call And Drop To His Knees For Some Alpha Especially Not A Smug Mafioso Who Thinks Way Too Much Of Himself Luckily, His Job At STAHP The Vicious Vigilante Organization That Works To Police Shifters When Law Enforcement Can T Keeps Him Busy Enough That He Can Try To Forget How His Traitorous Body Reacts Whenever A Certain Muscled Russian Is Around Vasily Novak Is Stunned When He Scents His Mate, But Powerless To Chase Him When He Flees How Can He His Focus Is Entirely Centered On The Precocious Five Year Old He Recently Learned Was His Child All He Can Do Is Trust The Fates To Bring His Mate Back When The Time Is Right Vasily Is Confident That River Will Be His Eventually He Just Needs To Be Patient When Vasily S Son Is Taken, River Comes To Help Retrieve The Boy Who Melted His Heart The First Time Petey Called Him Pretty Kitty As The Pair Leave A Bloody Trail Through The City On Their Search, Will The Fates Give Them A Second Chance At Finding A Forever In Each Other This Is The First Book In A New Mpreg Mafia Series Get Ready For A World Ruled By The Don S Iron Fist, Unique Interrogation Tactics, And A Family That Stands Together No Matter What You Can Expect To Find Naughty, Knotty Scenes Of Steamy Passion, Along With A Lot Of Potty Mouth Language And Violence Than You Re Used To From Us But At Its Heart, You Ll Still Find All The Fluffy Mpreg Feels And Crazy Antics You D Look For From Susi Hawke And Crista Crown You can t run from Fate But accepting Fate doesn t mean losing control What a great way to start a new series Susi Crista have outdone themselves I love this book It has it all vibrant characters, old friends, old enemies, family angst, conflict, violence, kidnapping, an adorable boy, shifters, hot sex, mpreg And assumptions You know what they say about assuming This book is River Vasily s story It picks up where the last Alphabits book ends Read that series, time well spent But this is the story of the family Novak Francis Novak, Mafia Don, is Vasily s father In River s mind, that makes Vasily an evil, overbearing, manipulative Alpha Problem River has known for a while that Vasily is his fated mate A member of STAHP, he is just as deadly as Vasily He has been keeping away, running from Fate Once Vasily scents him, all bets are off When Vasily s son is kidnapped, the two men must work together to save him HEA is assured, though the road is full of bumps River must overcome his fear of what being mated really means He must accept that he needs the other half of his soul to be complete Vasily must learn patience, and that trust is won by deeds, not words This book will pull you in from the first pages and not let you out You will be drawn into their lives and loves, and experience what family is all about You will love it You have to get this book This book contains adult themes and language, violence, mm sex and is intended for mature readers only. Love the Novaks Vasily realizes his mate is River just before River runs away from him Unknown to others, River has known for months who his mate is and wasn t ready for the next step When Petey is kidnapped, these two come together to find him There are twists, reveals, and everything else as they figure out their matings.And I really hope what I m thinking is true for the next couple in this series Love Vasily and River Family Ties is the first book in The Family Novak series by Susi Hawke and Crista Crown And now I am beyond excited for this new spin off series from the Alphabits universe This story gives us the sass, the antics, the stea.y naughtiness and the sweetness we come to expect from this writing duo but we also get the mafioso action with a tint of STAHP River and Vasily had me laughing, had me smiling and had me saying oh sh out loud I really want the next book now, please. Amazing first book in the new series by Susi Hawke As a spin off of another great series, Alphabits, it is better if you read first those books to truly enjoy and understand this story Now is the turn of Vasily and River and how they discovered they are fated mates finishing together after a lot of dangerous situations As all other books by Susi, there are action, intrigue and mystery in between hot scenes, light BSDM, strong omegas and cute babies Loved it Great new old series Although we meet some old fav characters this is the start to a new series, and what a start.Snarky Omega, sweet but strong alpha and a loving child.Everything you need for a great book, but lots of anger, some graphic deaths and two rival families.Susi and Christa knock it out of the park again.A must read. GREAT start to a new series spin off I loved the Novak family as soon as we met them in the previous series and was hoping to see of them River and Vasily are a perfect pair to start off with to show us this mob like family dynamic River is a tough, sassy and deadly omega who isn t going to become like his brother and loose himself because he s mated and with a baby He s fighting Vas at every turn and he knows his time for running is coming to a end Vasily isn t only surprised with a kid he didn t know about and try to figure out how to be a father but a mate who discovered they were mates and ran away without telling him Vas has a lot of new things coming at him but when his son is taken and his runaway mate is tasked to help him he knows that he s going to fight to show River there is no where else he should be These two together is sexy, passionate and consuming I loved how each supported each other and Vas was a alpha not afraid that his mate is a badass Each learn how to be a mate but not lose themselves Great side characters and a adorable kid round out this book in the best way I can t wait to see what can come from this series Loved itI knew River and Vasily would be a fun couple and Susi didnt disappoint Per her brand this one was still sweet and fluffy with a pinch of angst and the usual action scenes But as a change up for her brand of fluffy these boys were anything but law abiding The Novak family are gonna be a wild ride I laughed alot and at one point was simultaneously horrified and laughing out loud Susi is a master of her craft and delivered an amazing start to this new series I would absolutely recommend it and anything else by this author.

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