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Filthy Vows Genre Erotic RomanceType StandalonePOV First Person FemaleRating Elle and Easton North met in college and had been inseparable since They were very much in love with each other even through challenges that life had to offer But what used to secretly fuel her fantasy, increasingly became sexual needs she can t untamed And he was willing to indulge no matter the consequences Elle and Easton s devotion to each other was admirable and cemented a good foundation for their marriage Both of them were likable and relatable They had great sexual chemistry and the sex scenes were hot, but I was expecting filth considering the subject matter It couldn t happen It was too close to real life It was a fantasy that should have stayed in its place, behind the current of impossibility but there in the City of Sin I felt it bloom to life. What I loved the most about this book is it wasn t just about a married couple wanting to try some kinky fuckery just for the sake of it It started with them y 5 Not For the Faint of Heart StarsSpoiler Free It s Live Definition of faint of heart lacking the courage to face something difficult or dangerous as in, This is a difficult climb that is not for the faint of heart The first thing that popped into my head was that phrasebecause this book does face something difficult and dangerous It brings to life all the insecurities and fears we could have in a relationshipIt confronts the wonder of whether to be completely honest with your partner about sex and fantasiesHow will this reveal impact your relationship, how strong is itHow strong are youhow strong is your partnerIf you have read any of Alessandra Torre s earlier works than you may have an inkling of how she may craft a tale of this subject matter With a deft hand, she introduces us to a young couple from college He has his crew and she has hers They end up together on their way to a life all planned out, with career goals, the number of kids they will havethe whole nine yardsTheir chemistry is off the charts and both fall hard for each other, true love for realsBut life doesn t always follow the plans we have made and adjustments must be made These two are strong though, and each shows the other what is important Not the superficial things, no the really valuable things in their lives are each other and everything else falls along the wayside Even after being together for Best Books, Filthy Vows By Alessandra Torre This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Filthy Vows , Essay By Alessandra Torre Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I am kind of to say this, but I just didn t love this book I am rounding my rating up to because I certain aspects, and the writing was good However, It just wasn t what I expected based on the synopsis First, the whole synopsis doesn t even come into play until 90% into the book Before that it was honestly pretty boring Just m Alessandra Torre s latest novel is a sexy feast that will delight fans of her perfectly crafted erotic writing and engaging storytelling We meet the couple at the heart of this story when they are married and deeply in love Easton places his wife at the centre of his universe empowering her to be honest with him about her sexual desires and fantasies The story in itself is pretty straight forward, light, easy going, sensual and very, very sexy which I believe is exactly what the synopsis suggests The usual push and pull of whether a couple will get together is clearly not a factor in the story as they are already married and secure in their relationship The risk taking is all about how far the couple will go in terms of bringing their sexual fantasies to reality and how that in turn may affect the foundation of their relationship, that is the push and pull of this story, the will they won t they take it all the way there I felt invested in the characters, including the supporting cast of best friends, and was engaged in the narrative I confess I would have liked to experience layers and depth Perhaps I would have benefited from the story going back in time to the early days of this couple s relationship, when they met at school, a time when Easton and Elle were 4 STARS Filthy Vows is a hot, passionate and captivating story.And when I say hot I mean it, it s super hot and sensual and it s better not to be read in public places, hehehe.I was sucked into this story from the beginning and I was so intrigued The characters were great and their chemitry is off the charts hot, and you could feel the sexual tension.I loved that this one was HAWT Well written, smart, and off the charts sexy My new favorite from Alessandra Torre Books about married couples are like my kryptonite And Filthy Vows took that love to an entirely higher level It s intriguing and thought provoking Watching the by play of this couple was a true delight They re real and relatable The concerns they have are the main focus of the storyline and had me captivated The reader feels like a witness during their journey It s messy and a great representation of the human condition Almost like a mini case study on marriage.The structure of the book is something I haven t encountered in romance It s different and while it may not be for everyone, I enjoyed it The characters were fablulous SEXY While the book is a bit of a study on the inner workings of marriage, this author did not skimp on the sex appeal It s hawt The secondary characters are fun I really hope there are books in t Holy moly, this was hotttttttt Like, seriously, smoking, deliciously sexy, scalding hot I think what made it so sinfully sexy was the build the simmering build of these feelings, this fantasy, the reluctant war between lust and desire and shame and fear It was just so good, so well done, so freaking HOT.I loved these characters I loved how relatable they felt, how insecure at times they felt, how devoted they were I loved their banter, their trust, their love And I loved their story from college flirtation to what they evolve into over the course of time, their ups and downs, their losses and their victories I just couldn t get enough of Easton and Elle and I devoured this book in one sitting I m not usually one to reach out to an author after I finish a book but immediately upon closing the last page, I emailed Alessandra Torre IT S LIVE AND IN KU Would you tell your husband everything Every torrid thought Every twisted fantasy The forbidden images that slink into your mind in your most vulnerable moments I shouldn t have I hesitated to But I did And my husband He gave the I think this is the case of its me and not the book going by all the high ratings for this I just couldn t connect with the story or the heroine, and found myself on numerous occasions dozing off but kept pushing myself to carry on but sadly I gave up at 80% I just couldn t carry on Basicall

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