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Thats Mental Award Winning Asian British Comedy Writer Amanda Rosenberg Presents An Intimate Memoir Of Confessional Essays About The Hilarious, Inappropriate, And Often Difficult Side To Being Mentally IllThat S Mental Breaks Down Myths And Misconceptions About What It Means To Be A Millennial With Mental Illness In A Darkly Funny, But Relatable Way In Her New Book, Rosenberg Addresses The Overlooked And Offbeat Issues Of Mental Illness, Shedding Light On Topics That Are Off Limits, Uncomfortable, Or Just Downright Embarrassing This Book Details Every Challenging And Awkward Stage Of Amanda S Journey With Mental Illness And How She Manages What She Calls Her, Garden Variety Crazy These Pages Are A Look At The Everyday Realities Of Mental Illness The Particular Kind Of Torture That Is Finding A Good Therapist, The Challenges Of Figuring Out The Elusive Correct Mix Of Medications, And The Appropriate Responses With How To Deal With The Friend Who Insists But You Don T Look Depressed Listen, I know I should be articulate about this but IT S JUST THE DAMN BEST Amanda is hilarious and wickedly smart, even about the most personal and tricky of topics Buy this book, read this book, then buy someone else this book, so they can read this book. If you know me, you ll know that I m intimate with the topic of mental illness I co facilitate a mental health peer support group at my church, so you could say that when Amanda Rosenberg s That s Mental came up on my plate, I was hungry to read it When I finally sat down with the book, I must have been ravenous because I read it basically in two sittings It s a funny book, but incredibly on point about what it s like to live with a mental illness and all of the highs and lows that go with it Rosenberg is a part British, part Asian writer who writes acutely from her cultural perspective, which is refreshing and a reminder that mental illness is not an exclusively white person phenomenon Plus, everything you wanted to know about mental illness is here, from taking medications to talk therapy and beyond.There were two chapters that particularly stuck with me though different readers may have different takeaways from this book One chapter is on how people including those with mental illness try to offer advice on how to manage your illness This was particularly striking for me as I ve been at the receiving end of such advice recently, and I like Rosenberg s take if you have a problem, let the person with a mental illness that s to be on the receiving end of any advice ask for it first The other chapter that was particularly noteworthy to me was on how even in the most well guided workplaces it s hard, if not impossible, to take a mental health day Rosenberg has some prescriptive words of wisdom on how workplaces should deal with this However, she perceptively notes that it s OK if you have the flu people will be imploring you to stay home from work but when it s something that people can t see, they just don t understand it A lot will have to change in society if we want to get to where the author wants to go.Read the rest of the review here Eye opening, heart wrenching and laugh out loud funny all at once I ve never read someone so candidly write about mental illness and I m so glad I read this book Must read for everyone who has or know someone who has a mental illness which, hello, is probably everyone in the world. Do you enjoy dark humor and painfully relatable content for anyone struggling with a mental illness or two Then this book is for you I absolutely loved That s Mental I felt like I could finally talk to someone well okay, read their words and then say yeah exactly to myself about all the struggles of mental illness that aren t often talked about or understood The author is hilarious and I love her conversational style of writing She talks about important topics like stigma in a broad sense while also including her own personal experience Whether you want to feel like you have a friend who understands the struggle, or if you want to learn about the highs and lows that someone with mental illness experiences, this book can offer something to everyone Thank you to BookSparks, the publisher, and the author for this free advanced copy in exchange for an honest review INSANELY funny a stunning book Within seconds of opening this book, you will be laughing loudly and pulling your weighted blanket snugly over you as you sink into the pages This is because it s immediately obvious that this is completely fresh It s as if your best friend is talking to you honestly and hilariously, to entertain and comfort you through whatever the week has put you through, no matter how healthy your mind currently is.It s beautifully candid every few sentences you will either guffaw or smile wryly with familiarity, and as the chapters progress, you will feel less alone It s remarkable how Rosenberg manages to cultivate analogies or descriptions loaded with novelty and creativity so often in this book The dark humour will appeal to anyone with depression, but also anyone that enjoys very funny writing.Regardless of what other books you ve read about mental health, it is really satisfying to giggle as she wonders what you ve wondered am I my therapist s favourite patient , or as she disavows common myths and fears and confesses the everyday realities of a millennial, pop culture lover with a mind that s out to get her Get this book it s comforting, absolutely hilarious, deeply novel, and stunningly honest I ve never read anything like it. For those of us with a diagnosis or two we d rather not have, That s Mental is like a hug from a friend you were too shy to confide in, but understands anyway Also that friend is funnier than you. This book somehow manages to describe what depression and suicidal ideation is like without either overwhelming the reader or trivializing mental health This is because Amanda is a comedic genius who knows how to share without oversharing I m no longer suicidal, but I remember wishing so hard that someone could put what I was feeling into words so I wouldn t have to This is that book.Back then I was struggling to help myself, and I was struggling to explain to other people how they could help me, but the pressure of putting it all into words while not somehow infecting other people with my sadness was too much Like Rosenberg, I didn t reach out until I was in real danger I think if I had read this book, I would have reached out much sooner And if my family and friends had read it, they could have helped me far.My favorite chapter was Small Things I Do When I Want To Die I ve read a dozen books about coping with depression and mania, and they all have the section for what to do when you brain is telling you to kill yourself Rosenberg s version is by far the most useful There s a huge difference between Exercise for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week and Go outside for at least one minute Just get some outside air and move your body a little If it feels okay, do another minute I read the first kind of advice a hundred times, and it just made me feel hopeless and guilty and overwhelmed Rosenberg s version is what worked for my depressed brain don t think about the future, just do something, now, that is moving your body and occupying your mind for one minute.I loved so many things about this book the chapter where she interviews herself and her husband on having a relationship with someone with mental illness, the chapter about therapy and her therapist, her instructions on making the bed No need to go overboard, but maybe think about straightening up the duvet and pillows but what you need to know is that you should buy this book for yourself and also five copies to lend to your family and coworkers If I could send it back in time to myself, I would. Amanda Rosenberg is so so so damn funny Her humor is exactly my shade of dark This book is good and it s also so important and encouraging that it exists I felt seen and relieved by Rosenberg s writing and I laughed my face off.I m keeping it on my shelf right beside Carrie Fisher s Wishful Drinking for whenever the next depression spiral hits and I need a friend. Amanda Rosenberg s That s Mental mixes the rapier wit of Carrie Fisher with the profound insights of Kay Redfield Jamison Although Rosenberg didn t set out to write an inspiring book, That s Mental transports the reader to a better place How I wish I had this book in 2007 when I was first diagnosed with postpartum bipolar disorder That s Mental would ve helped me through the mental illness sh tstorm in spades This is an utterly original book that s a must read for anyone affected by mental illness.Dyane Harwood, author Birth of a New Brain Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder

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