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Chance Read Chance Amir D Aczel Capitalsoftworks.co.uk In Chance, Celebrated Mathematician Amir D Aczel Turns His Sights On Probability Theory The Branch Of Mathematics That Measures The Likelihood Of A Random Event He Explains Probability In Clear, Layman S Terms, And Shows Its Practical Applications What Is Commonly Called Luck Has Mathematical Roots And In Chance, You Ll Learn To Increase Your Odds Of Success In Everything From True Love To The Stock Market For Thousands Of Years, The Twin Forces Of Chance And Mischance Have Beguiled Humanity Like None Other Why Does Fortune Smile On Some People, And Smirk On Others What Is Luck, And Why Does It So Often Visit The Undeserving How Can We Predict The Random Events Happening Around Us Even Better, How Can We Manipulate Them In This Delightful And Lucid Voyage Through The Realm Of The Random, Dr Aczel Once Again Makes Higher Mathematics Intelligible To Us.

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    Actually enjoyed this book In mostly understandable terms various ideas on probability are illustrated in an approachable manner I m not the least clever about maths I found myself re reading a few things but mainly because it was interesting and I wanted to comprehend different aspects better If ...

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    Simplistic Read in 2 hours and learned little.

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    Useful introduction to probability, but I counted at least 5 typos.

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    This book has no organization It is just a random collection of thoughts about randomness, so I guess it does live up to its title in a way Boring, uninspiring and shallow.

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    This is a delightful little book The author teaches basic probability theory by using fun examples like the chances of landing a certain job or the number of monkeys it would take to write Hamlet He also delves into a little bit of the history on how these various theories were derived and many of the inaccurate assumptions people held when trying to devel

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    A good introduction to probabilities It s useful find out books teaching the same subject in different approaches So that practical approach was a great strength I made notes and of course I won t forget the funniest examples.

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    The author, a mathematician and author of The Riddle of the Compass The Invention that Changed the World, explores real life applications of probability in a few short and very lucid chapters, from the toss of a coin to the draw of a card to the de Finetti game to standard deviation to Bayes s Theorem which I cannot understand at all.It serves as both an engaging review of pr

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    A short book containing the obvious examples that dispel our innate notion of the likelihood of events The birthday one is always an illuminating example But perhaps my favorite is one I had thought about quite a bit from going to so many bachelor parties at casinos what s up with that coin flipping...

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    An amusing account of basic probability I understand why it s not so suprising that if you get 23 people together there s a 50 50 chance they ll share a birthday, and it s not so amazing, though the notion that...

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    Picked this up because I found it by chance at the library it was in the space section I found the cover design and title very attractive and, based on what I found inside, I m glad took it home Turned me on t...

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