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This Is Your Brain on Birth Control: The Surprising Science of Women, Hormones, and the Law of Unintended Consequences Brillian Recommending to everyone I expected an easy read but it was harder than I expected not because Hill was in the science weeds she was, but it was fascinating so I wasn t mad but because the science challenged many of my understandings of sex and gender It turned out to make room for a much nuanced, informed view that wasn t transphobic but at first, the book didn t seem that way Hormones inform behavior Sex at birth informs hormones Those are facts, they re real, but at first blush I BALKED at this book I mean, I don t like to think I m some sort of walking uterine flesh bag with a brain full o Estrogen and a heart full o babies But I got over her emphasizing the role of hormones in behavior when she pointed out men s hormone levels are far variable in many ways than women s, it s just only women s hormonal changeability has been politicized and used against them in ways men s changing hormone levels never have, and hormone levels aren t DESTINY but they can influence how medicines work on world view and self determination so it s good to know about them These facts are hard to talk about, but the conversation is critical even if it is screechingly uncomfortable The Right uses biology as destiny all the time, and some of Hill s quotes, taken out of context, could be twisted like any science to slap me in the face with the imperative of the heterosexual nuclear family I don t appreciate this But the information in the context of the book absolutely pushes no agenda aside from hey we should study female hormones sometimes so we don t accidentally kill people with uteruses with alheimer s drugs and depression She mostly talked about relationships and the pill from heterosexual points of view Statistically this makes sense, as far as who s likely reading but the focus on heterosexuality only enforced to me that we desperately need attention on trans health and queer relationships Hill discusses how few women even female RATS are used in scientific study and it s positively terrifying how much we don t know about hormones and biology of non males I really hope that people read this book and don t shout her down as being anti feminist because she s not and I know many people probably will just because she s a woman and a scientist and she s trying to break down some real, potentially deadly problems about the pill And that information is critical to everyone, people with uteruses especially. As an evolutionary social scientist I m professor of experimental psychology at a large research focused university I had very high expectations for this book It exceeded those expectations Dr Hill is an incredible author and her work is not only readable, but it s also plainly fun to read I will be assigning this book to students and recommending it to those interested in women s psychology and behavior, evolutionary medicine, hormones and simply to all who are interested in better understanding the mysteries that still wait to be discovered about women s bodies and minds For the record, given what this book reveals about the impact of birth control on women, everyone should be interested in better understanding its effects on women. This book was so freaking interesting It should be required reading for anyone on birth control not to scare anyone but because better information leads to better decision making I learned a lot from this book that can explain some of my experiences on hormonal birth control, and that information will likely help me make good decisions if I ever decide to go back on it My one complaint about this book is that I thought the author generalized a little bit too much about women s experiences of birth control Access to birth control is not, and has never been, evenly spread across all populations of women, and I wish the author had considered that a little I also find it hard to believe that the current male female achievement gap can be explained by the rise of birth control and men s sexual motivations but that s maybe just me expecting too much from men It s about time that this book came out It s about a Texas PhD s research on the psychological changes that occur on birth control, BC s affects on attraction, and the challenges that gender research face today This book has been my favorite read of the year, and it should be a mandatory read for you too I hope that Hill s research becomes a huge topic of discussion in the medical community and around the world After reading this book, I feel obligated to change how I prescribe birth control to my patients A MUST READ for everyone regardless of whether you have the biological equipment to get pregnant Here is why Sarah Hill explains how we ALL are affected when people change their hormones to prevent pregnancy Hormones ARE us, not a part of us, and make us who we are As a result, when we change them we change ourselves, and the effects of many individual people changing their hormones cascade throughout society and affect people of all any no genders If you are a partner to someone who takes birth control, or a parent or hopeful parent to be , or a teacher, or a clinician, this book will help you understand what it means to make the decision to take hormonal birth control and how the lack of research on cis women and their bodies and just gender bias generally has left contraceptive seekers with inadequate information to make good personal decisions about what path is best and right for their bodies Please note that this book does NOT discourage people from using hormonal birth control Nor does it reduce women to a puddle of hormones or at least no so than any other bodies I have some quibbles about the writing, which is overall very accessible but often feels like it s trying too hard to be cool the footnotes esp And there are some points where I felt the examples analogies were glib and possibly offensive But the power of this book and its arguments is not diminished by these flaws. Wow This was eye opening, to say the least It made me mad about past doctors and past choices, for sure I hope every woman will read this book to at least be informed about the decisions she s making.Of course, a lot of the science in here is somewhat speculative, though research based, but based on my own experiences, I believe it.One quibble she talks a lot about how there are now women than men in college, but never considers that mass incarceration and the war on drugs are huge contributors to this issue. Educational and eye opening It is truly scary how little we know about all the side effects of something that, it seems, the majority of the population is using. This book should be in every counseling center chocked full of factual affirmations, opening one s eyes with paradigm shattering data This book provides an even handed, science based understanding of who women are, both on and off the pill It will change the way that women think about their hormones and how they view themselves.The truth about how the pill can affect women is hidden but crucial and only starting to be known No researcher wants to be on record as the person who took down hormonal birth control, but every woman who is using it needs to know The consequences can range from casual mild mood swings to devastating suicide.Galley borrowed from the publisher. An Eye Opening Book That Reveals Crucial Information Every Woman Taking Hormonal Birth Control Should Know This Groundbreaking Book Sheds Light On How Hormonal Birth Control Affects Women And The World Around Them In Ways We Are Just Now Beginning To Understand By Allowing Women To Control Their Fertility, The Birth Control Pill Has Revolutionized Women S Lives Women Are Going To College, Graduating, And Entering The Workforce In Greater Numbers Than Ever Before, And There S Good Reason To Believe That The Birth Control Pill Has A Lot To Do With This But There S A Lot To The Pill Than Meets The EyeAlthough Women Go On The Pill For A Small Handful Of Targeted Effects Pregnancy Prevention And Clearer Skin, Yay , Sex Hormones Can T Work That Way Sex Hormones Impact The Activities Of Billions Of Cells In The Body At Once, Many Of Which Are In The Brain There, They Play A Role In Influencing Attraction, Sexual Motivation, Stress, Hunger, Eating Patterns, Emotion Regulation, Friendships, Aggression, Mood, Learning, And This Means That Being On The Birth Control Pill Makes Women A Different Version Of Themselves Than When They Are Off Of It And This Is A Big Deal For Instance, Women On The Pill Have A Dampened Cortisol Spike In Response To Stress While This Might Sound Great No Stress , It Can Have Negative Implications For Learning, Memory, And Mood Additionally, Because The Pill Influences Who Women Are Attracted To, Being On The Pill May Inadvertently Influence Who Women Choose As Partners, Which Can Have Important Implications For Their Relationships Once They Go Off It Sometimes These Changes Are For The Better But Other Times, They Re For The Worse By Changing What Women S Brains Do, The Pill Also Has The Ability To Have Cascading Effects On Everything And Everyone That A Woman Encounters This Means That The Reach Of The Pill Extends Far Beyond Women S Own Bodies, Having A Major Impact On Society And The WorldThis Paradigm Shattering Book Provides An Even Handed, Science Based Understanding Of Who Women Are, Both On And Off The Pill It Will Change The Way That Women Think About Their Hormones And How They View Themselves It Also Serves As A Rallying Cry For Women To Demand Information From Science About How Their Bodies And Brains Work And To Advocate For Better Research This Book Will Help Women Make Informed Decisions About Their Health, Whether They Re On The Pill Or Off Of It

About the Author: Sarah E. Hill

Sarah E Hill, PhD, is an associate professor of psychology and a leading researcher in the dynamic and rapidly expanding field of evolutionary psychology.

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