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Burn It Down Simply an incredible collection made up of diverse voices and strong, relatable stories which both enraged and placated me in so far as I was contented to feel a little less alone in my own daily anger Each writer here is worth watching Several were already favorites and I ve found many to add to my list. Anyone who reads this collection of essays on women s anger is bound to find at least one that resonates with them.Women are not permitted their anger It makes them unattractive It makes them bitchy It makes them difficult Women who are difficult are wrong, but so are women who are easy Women are angry because their pain and illness is dismissed They are angry because if they don t resist rape and assault hard enough, their passivity is deemed consent But they know that resistance can mean escalation, leading to greater injury and death.These are the stories you ll find in Burn it Down I thought I d read it in small doses, over time, but I found it entirely bingeable and powered through it over a week.I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review BurnItDown NetGalley Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for a preview ARC for an honest review.This collection of essays was amazing It spoke to me on so many levels, and from the first essay on I found myself saying yes, yes, yes This felt very timely to me, as my girlfriends and I have been talking about how things have changed for women since we were growing up, but how much the younger generation still has to fight to be heard, to be respected, to be treated fairly and not seen as an object or a caretaker or second class citizen The contributors cover all aspects of society and cover a range of experiences and topics about being female and why they aren t going to be angry any immigrant, Muslim, Black, sexual harassment in the workplace, rape, and transgender to name a few I found the essay by the transgender female the most interesting because of the unique perspective of growing up as a male and existing and living under certain unspoken rules of maleness that are allowed in this case the classroom , but then returning to the classroom as a female and having to relearn what is acceptable for a female in regards to how we are expected to interact with males and how we shouldn t appear too intelligent or try to make the males look weak or stupid Hearing it from her point of view just solidified what I had already suspected and felt that I had experienced and watched other strong, intelligent females experience Each author s story and background are unique and while they seem to give the reader a singular view of what it s like to be a female in our society today, frankly, take all the uniqueness and adjectives and descriptors away and nothing changes we are all a united sisterhood fighting the same stereotypes and patriarchal rules that have governed us for centuries It doesn t matter what our skin color is, or where we were born, we need to learn to not only love and respect ourselves, but respect and support each other That s the only way we are really ever going to overcome this inequality I want to give a copy of this to every female I work with I will definitely recommend it to them Thank you again Netgalley for the opportunity to review this book. For of my book content check out instagram.com bookalong Essential Reading I was intrigued by this collection the moment I heard about it And it did not dissapoint In these 22 introspective and sharp essays a diverse selection of female authors explore their rage and the different forms it takes This was such a great collection I found several new authors to add to my growing reading pile I appreciated the diversity in the authors voices The different perspectives really offered a lot of understanding how different women express and experience anger From tramatic experiences to illness, disability and so much This collection gave me a lot to think about in terms of the essays in the book and accepting my own anger and the need to make space for it in my own life Seriously smart and necessary reading Out October 8th Thank You to the publisher for sending me this book opinions are my own. This was really great, with lots to think about Some of the essays were 5s for me esp Evette Dionne s and Melissa Febos s All of the essays were important and contained something that needed to be said. Burn It Down is an apologetic collection of essays from women who learned to release their anger despite everything they have been taught about keeping it in They share their voices of rage and anger in a way that screams no The reasons for their anger is diverse and this covers a lot of different reasons for anger including assault, race, family matters and so many Each woman who has shared their story in this collection has added their voice to make a powerful impact on what it means to be female and angry. Women Writing about Anger is the book I needed but didn t know I did, not when you are told stop whining and why are you so anti men Or that s very unlady like of you, and so today there are so many avenues for women to express themselves, but with these avenues also come very patriarchal expectations You can t help but ask when will women catch a break Thanks Netgalley for the eARC, in these 22 women, I did feel home. BURN IT DOWN is a collection of lethal, lyrical essays that explore experiences of female anger More than once, I found myself hissing in recognition or sympathy with the authors The collection includes a diverse line up of writers who embrace their anger, rather than mute it I appreciated how quirky and wise some of these stories were and how they link minor irritations and injustices to full on, justified wrath This anthology is a rallying cry to turn things up, get hot, and stay burning. A Rich, Nuanced Exploration Of Women S Anger From A Diverse Group Of Writers Women Are Angry, And From The MeToo Movement To The Record Number Of Women Running For Political Office, They Re Finally Expressing It But All Rage Isn T Created Equal Who Gets To Be Angry If There S Now Space For Cis White Women S Anger, What About Black Women Trans Women How Do Women Express Their Anger And What Will They Do With It Individually And Collectively In Burn It Down, A Diverse Group Of Women Authors Explore Their Rage From The Personal To The Systemic, The Unacknowledged To The Public One Woman Describes Her Rage At Her Own Body When She Becomes Ill With No Explanation Another Writes Of The Anger She Inherits From Her Father One Pakistani American Writes, To Openly Express My Anger Would Be Too American, And Explains Why Broad Ranging And Cathartic, Burn It Down Is Essential Reading For Any Woman Who Has Burned With Rage But Questioned If She Is Entitled To Express It Anger, though it should not be so, is distinctly gendered Male anger is considered powerful, assertive, and dominant Female anger, on the other hand, is hysterical, bitchy, and unnecessary Male anger symbolises control, while female anger symbolises a loss of control Burn it Down is a collection of essays from an impressively diverse selection of female writers, all with their own tales of anger, and how they learned, or are still learning, to shed this notion of female anger Because of the collection s diversity, much of my experience with Burn it Down was spent listening to the unique fury of the trans woman, the Black woman, the disabled woman, the Muslim woman This collection makes it clear that the new and acceptable female anger which we hope for should not only come in the form of the middle class, cisgendered white woman, but in the form of woman, in all of her variations.Personal favourites include Leslie Jamieson s intensely relatable Lungs Full of Burning , a perfect choice for the opener, Crimes Against the Soul , Sheryl Ring s painful and white hot account of how the law industry treated her during the process of her transition, Reema Zaman s Me and my Voice , in which I could taste the cake and feel her brushing crumbs from the bed, the educational experience of Monet Patrice Thompson s The One Emotion Black Women are Able to Explore , and Dani Boss On the Back Burner , which pragmatically explores the taboo of perimenopausal anger I was angry myself when I read this In fact, I chose it because I was angry Reading these essays, some feeling familiar and others completely novel, became my catharsis Perhaps I had such a positive experience because I picked this up at the right time, but that does not serve as a detriment Quite contrarily, it gave this work limitless potential for rereading Anger is a very lonely emotion for me, one that I have tried to condition myself to squash below until it is starved of oxygen I have a hot temper, so I don t do the squashing very effectively Nevertheless, I spend a lot of time trying not to get angry, but somehow end up getting angrier in the process because I am rolling my fury over and over in my head until it reaches so much traction that it tumbles out of me in a blind, rambling rage Reading some of these essays gave me a feeling of companionship that abated my anger far effectively than isolating myself in the hope of not upsetting anybody As Nina st Piere writes in A Girl, Dancing , we eat anger and quietly metabolise it to make you comfortable The only downside is that, as is expected of any collection of works, there are very pronounced sections in Burn it Down where my attention started to wander The first four essays are so strong that they created a lull that didn t retreat for me until On the Back Burner That does not necessarily mean that the submissions in between are weak although there are one or two weak essays in this collection , and in fact I am inclined to believe that this lull has been caused by the order of the works rather than their individual strength I would perhaps reconsider the line up so that each essay gets the chance to reach its maximum potential and poignance.I can t think of a demographic who I would not recommend at least one essay in this book to Women need to read this book so that they can stop feeling guilt over their justified anger Men need to read this book so that they can stop contributing to the system that leads women to feel the need to suppress their anger with guilt Pick this up Listen to their stories Endeavour to understand them, even when understanding evades you Get upset at them Most importantly, get angry at them.

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