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Two Sisters Travel The Same Streets,though Their Lives Couldn T Be Different Then One Of Them Goes MissingIn A Philadelphia Neighborhood Rocked By The Opioid Crisis, Two Once Inseparable Sisters Find Themselves At Odds One, Kacey, Lives On The Streets In The Vise Of Addiction The Other, Mickey, Walks Those Same Blocks On Her Police Beat They Don T Speak Any, But Mickey Never Stops Worrying About Her Sibling Then Kacey Disappears, Suddenly, At The Same Time That A Mysterious String Of Murders Begins In Mickey S District, And Mickey Becomes Dangerously Obsessed With Finding The Culprit And Her Sister Before It S Too LateAlternating Its Present Day Mystery With The Story Of The Sisters Childhood And Adolescence, Long Bright River Is At Once Heart Pounding And Heart Wrenching A Gripping Suspense Novel That Is Also A Moving Story Of Sisters, Addiction, And The Formidable Ties That Persist Between Place, Family, And Fate Long Bright River

About the Author: Liz Moore

Liz Moore is a writer of fiction and creative nonfiction Her first novel, The Words of Every Song Broadway Books, 2007 , centers on a fictional record company in New York City just after the turn of the millennium It draws partly on Liz s own experiences as a musician It was selected for Borders Original Voices program and was given a starred review by Kirkus Roddy Doyle wrote of it, This

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    BOTM pick for December 2019 Long Bright River is a book that I almost passed on, thinking that I didn t want the responsibility of reviewing it The author has a fiercely loyal fanbase, and literary fiction is a genre that is risky for me to dabble in at best After circling the book s Goodreads page for months, the synopsis had a relentless grip on me, and something checked in my spirit telling me I needed to read this book Perhaps it was the emotional investment in the opioid crisis, du

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    Long Bright River is a beautifully written and powerful story about two sisters and the destruction of addiction Mickey and Kacey, daughters of addicts, take two very different paths in life As children, they were inseparable, as adults they are estranged Mickey becomes a cop, Kacey an addict.When young female addicts start being murdered, Mickey fears even for Kacey s life When Mickey discovers that Kacey is missing, she investigates putting her life, her son, and her job in danger Micke

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    TOP TEN BOOK OF 2019, EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS BOOK, SO PERTINENT TO OUR TIMES Changed my mind on this one and moved it into the 5 star category the that I thought about it as I wrote this review.This is not a comfortable or easy book to read It highlights the opiod crisis and addiction of all forms It talks about babies born to addicts and the withdrawal that they go through It takes place in a neighborhood in Philadelphia, Kensington, which was once a neighborhood of working class familie

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    The talented Liz Moore writes a powerful, deeply affecting and harrowing account of the human cost of the out of control opoid crisis, gripping not only the Kensington neighbourhood of Philadelphia, but the country as a whole It would be a mistake to go into this multilayered novel as a straightforward crime read, it is so much , the crime aspects hang in the background, but at the forefront is a in depth character driven family drama, the relationship between two sisters, 32 year old single mot

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    I would categorize this as literary suspense It has the elements of a police procedural but the writing is so much better than that Mickey is a beat cop walking the mean drug addicted streets of Philadelphia while her sister, Kacey, lives on those very streets as a strung out sex worker The cop watches out for her sister despite their estrangement and becomes alarmed when a number of prostitutes are found murdered Moving between the sisters adolescence and adulthood, this is about broken families,

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    5 Emotional Stars When requesting an ARC copy of this book I didn t even read the synopsis, all I needed to know was that the author is Liz Moore The Unseen World was one of my favorite books in 2017 and I just knew that Long Bright River would be as good of a read, if not better And I was right Once again, Liz Moore wrote a powerful and suspenseful story with unique and relatable characters She explores the very difficult and dark reality of the opioid addiction crisis by following the

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    Five stars The thing is, this novel takes place in Philadelphia and I live in Philadelphia, so I was predisposed to enthusiasm for Long Bright River Nevertheless, it actually exceeded my high expectations As I mentioned in one of my status updates, it s like Tana French before she got all ponderous Long Bright River does take a bit of time to get going, but it s time well spent, building a world of vivid place and character, and by the time the plot picked up I was fully invested There are

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    Long Bright River is a slow burn, suspense novel rather than a thriller It is an emotional, heartbreaking story of sister love, drug addiction and forgiveness The story is narrated by Michaela Mickey who is the older better sister Mickey is a cop and worries about Kacey who is a drug addict and hasn t been seen for a few weeks Whilst I normally like books told from only the main character s point of view, in this case I felt like the story would have benefited from another narrator While I enjoyed getting t

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    Giveaway winner I was so excited to win an ARC of this book, as I had been contemplating making it my BOTM for December when I received the email that I had won a copy The book is nearly 500 pages long, but I devoured it in two days I thought the way Liz Moore wove the seemingly separate threads of police procedural murder and family drama was mesmerizing The protagonist, Mickey, is a single mother, as well as an officer for the Philadelphia PD She is assigned to patrol Kensington, a neighborhood enslaved by a

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    4 Long Bright River is about a struggling single mother who is trying to juggle her demanding roles as a mother and police officer with a search for her missing sister It is also about opioid addiction and police corruption Moore navigates all these issues beautifully Some might label this a crime novel, but the characters are why I kept turning the pages She peels away layers of Mickey s past, cracks open a scary world and leaves the reader hoping

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