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Messengers In The Age Of Fake News, Understanding Who We Trust And Why Is Essential In Explaining Everything From Leadership To Power To Our Daily Relationships Sinan AralWe Live In A World Where Proven Facts And Verifiable Data Are Freely And Widely Available Why, Then, Are Self Confident Ignoramuses So Often Believed Over Thoughtful Experts And Why Do Seemingly Irrelevant Details Such As A Person S Appearance Or Financial Status Influence Whether Or Not We Trust What They Are Saying, Regardless Of Their Wisdom Or Foolishness Stephen Martin And Joseph Marks Compellingly Explain How In Our Uncertain And Ambiguous World, The Messenger Is Increasingly The Message We Frequently Fail, They Argue, To Separate The Idea Being Communicated From The Person Conveying It, Explaining Why The Status Or Connectedness Of The Messenger Has Become Important Than The Message ItselfMessengers Influence Business, Politics, Local Communities, And Our Broader Society And Martin And Marks Reveal The Forces Behind The Most Infuriating Phenomena Of Our Modern Era, Such As Belief In Fake News And How Presidents Can Hawk Misinformation And Flagrant Lies Yet Remain

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    Messengers Who We Listen To, Who We Don t, and Why, is an insightful, engrossing and educative book In the 21st century we find ourselves impacted and by influencers We look to individuals we perceive as prominent and dynamic and take our social, professional, political and consumer cues from them But how

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    I received a copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review An interesting read altogether, although I sometimes found it too light and superficial Perhaps because of the many anecdotes it contains On the one hand, they do help in getting the point, for sure, but after a while I felt that the

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    In the age of fake news, understanding who we trust and why is essential in explaining everything from leadership to power to our daily relationships Sinan AralWe live in a world where proven facts and verifiable data are freely and widely available Why, then, are self confident ignoramuses so often believed over tho

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    This was a fascinating book bringing together research about the people who influence our lives and who we choose to listen to, and why In Part One, hard messengers are discussed These are people who are seen as having socio economic status, competence, dominance and attractiveness In this context, it s explained why for

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    Messengers is a tour de force of information, illustrations and anecdotes about why we listen to some people but not others and the effect this can have regarding what we believe or don t There is a plentiful list of data from scientific research from which the authors draw their conclusions At face value it s an excellent pop

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    Fascinating and well researched book which explains why we listen to some people over others We live in an era where our leaders constantly lie to us and feed us biased or untrue information This book gives some insight into why people believe them.Easy to read and well thought out.

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    Disappointingly, nothing new here.

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    Essentially the book tells us this In the west, especially the United States, people listen to whoever has money, regardless of their experience or qualifications to comment on a subject In the rest of the world, intelligence and actual knowledge are required to get people s attention Which really comes as no surprise, and the situation is g

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    The subtitle of Messengers is Who We Listen To, Who We Don t, And Why In a world that has given us Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, learning the answer to this question seems worth the effort involving reading the book, but having finished it I m not sure that I m any clearer.This is a pop psychology book with all the strengths and weaknesses of t

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    A broad survey and synthesis of research regarding the qualities that make for effective messengers Hard not to conclude that we re pretty much idiots when it comes to choosing to whom we will listen, believe, and follow Pub date 10 15 19

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