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The Infinite Noise Lauren Shippen S The Infinite Noise Is A Stunning, Original Debut Novel Based On Her Wildly Popular And Award Winning Podcast The Bright SessionsCaleb Michaels Is A Sixteen Year Old Champion Running Back Other Than That His Life Is Pretty Normal But When Caleb Starts Experiencing Mood Swings That Are Out Of The Ordinary For Even A Teenager, His Life Moves Beyond Typical Caleb Is An Atypical, An Individual With Enhanced Abilities Which Sounds Pretty Cool Except Caleb S Ability Is Extreme Empathy He Feels The Emotions Of Everyone Around Him Being An Empath In High School Would Be Hard Enough, But Caleb S Life Becomes Even Complicated When He Keeps Getting Pulled Into The Emotional Orbit Of One Of His Classmates, Adam Adam S Feelings Are Big And All Consuming, But They Fit Together With Caleb S Feelings In A Way That He Can T Quite UnderstandCaleb S Therapist, Dr Bright, Encourages Caleb To Explore This Connection By Befriending Adam As He And Adam Grow Closer, Caleb Learns About His Ability, Himself, His Therapist Who Seems To Know A Lot Than She Lets On And Just How Dangerous Being An Atypical Can Be What If The X Men, Instead Of Becoming Superheroes, Decided To Spend Some Time In Therapy Vox On The Bright Sessions

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    At this point in my life I will read anything with queer representation and a colorful cover.

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    The Bright Sessions is one of my favourite audio dramas and I was so excited to read one of its many sub plots in novel form You don t need to have listened to TBS to enjoy this story, though Such a fun, sweet, gentle romance with a superpower twist If you re looking for something to read that ll just put a smile on your face, this is it

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    3.5 stars This is a story that is centered on human emotion, and we all know that teenagers have a lot of them as they are struggling to figure out who they are and where they belong and who is a friend and an enemy This book brought me back to being a high school student and unsure of anything but still trying hard to find myself and stand out f

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    I m between 3.5 and 4 stars, so I rounded up.Sixteen year old Caleb Michaels is handsome, popular, and athletic, running back on his high school football team But lately he s been struggling emotionally and he can t figure out why It s almost as if he is drowning in so many emotions all at once and he doesn t know where they re coming from, but he

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    rep mlm mc, gay li with depression Review on my blog You know that picture of a horse that starts really beautiful detailed and ends like something drawn by a three year old That s this book.It starts really good, fun even, with a dual first person pov It s engaging, it s interesting, it s intriguing You think you re safe You think you re reading a

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    Everybody go right now and listen to the podcast this book will be based on, The Bright Sessions I promise you won t regret it It s literally just about people with superpowers going to therapy and I love it with all my heart It features LGBTQ rep, mental health rep and characters you can t help but fall in love with Also the superpowers Whatcould y

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    Check outreviews Perspective of a WriterThe BuzzAfter reading an excerpt I loved the idea of atypical abilities and having to deal with them through therapy And Caleb is such a sweetheart It became clear really early this is a queer story.The cover art isn t quite to me taste BUT it totally fits The Infinite Noise I loved how Caleb was yellow and Ad

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    There s a lot to love in THE INFINITE NOISE Representation wise, we have a protagonist who is Jewish and gay and plagued by depressive episodes, another who is. well, we re never given his orientation on page, and also an empath who struggles with the overflow of emotions and lashes out in rage There s also a ton of therapy Positive therapy.This world

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    HOLY FUCKING SHIT.Absolutely one of my new favorite books Ladies, this book is going to COME for your throat It was so fantastic and made me so overwhelmingly happy Buy it when it comes out or you re homophobic

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    I was given a short intro to this upcoming book in exchange for an honest review What a great idea Empaths who feel everything others feel They empathize too much It sounds like a book I d lovebut not The dialogue, oh so much dialogue I m not asking for Stephen King like 7 page descriptors of a dress but come on, give us something I need Caleb s words t

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