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The Cult of Trump Eye opening I extricated myself from a cult about twenty years ago but did not recognize it as one until I read this book After leaving I called it a toxic religion This book is easy to follow and broadened my understanding of mind control, thought stopping, us versus them thinking, and high demand groups It is a devastating moment to realize that you have given your life to a false leader, prophet, or messiah Even when that moment comes many years after leaving I m still alarmed about what lies ahead for our country but now I understand better what is going on and why it feels all too familiar to me. One Of America S Leading Experts In Cults And Mind Control Provides An Eye Opening Analysis Of Trump And The Indoctrination Tactics He Uses To Build A Fanatical Devotion In His SupportersOver The Past Two Years, Trump S Behavior Has Become Both Disturbing And Yet Increasingly Familiar He Relies On Phrases Like, Fake News, Build The Wall, And Continues To Spread The Divisive Mentality Of Us Vs Them He Lies Constantly, Has No Conscience, Never Admits When He Is Wrong, And Projects All Of His Shortcomings On To Others He Has Become Authoritarian, Outrageous, And Yet Many Of His Followers Remain Blindly Devoted Scott Adams, The Creator Of Dilbert And A Major Trump Supporter, Calls Him One Of The Most Persuasive People Living His Need To Squash Alternate Information And His Insistence Of Constant Ego Stroking Are All Characteristics Of Other Famous Leaders Cult Leaders In The Cult Of Trump, Mind Control And Licensed Mental Health Expert Steven Hassan Draws Parallels Between Our Current President And People Like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Ron Hubbard And Sun Myung Moon, Arguing That This Presidency Is In Many Ways Like A Destructive Cult He Specifically Details The Ways In Which People Are Influenced Through An Array Of Social Psychology Methods And How They Become Fiercely Loyal And Obedient Hassan Was A Former Moonie Himself, And He Draws On His Forty Years Of Personal And Professional Experience Studying Hypnosis And Destructive Cults, Working As A Deprogrammer, And A Strategic Communications Interventionist He Emphasizes Why It S Crucial That We Recognize Ways To Identify And Protect Ourselves And Our Loved Ones The Cult Of Trump Is An Accessible And In Depth Analysis Of The President, Showing That Under The Right Circumstances, Even Sane, Rational, Well Adjusted People Can Be Persuaded To Believe The Most Outrageous Ideas Hassan S Book Is Essential Reading For Anyone Wanting To Understand The Trump Phenomenon And Looking For A Way Forward Oh, for fuck s sake, what s it with people writing all this trash Subzero rating for clickbaiting the gullible. Well, aren t you lucky Here s the book from a leading witch doctor that knows how to break the spells of evil sorcerers. There might be a good book in there but I couldn t find it To me, the booked lacked structure.I was wary from the early pages after reading and it s important for me both personally and professionally to be as unbiased and trustworthy as possible I hope that my expertise, which I have gained through decades of work, will persuade you to continue with an open mind Then a little further on came this revelation The human brain has been described as an incredibly complex and sophisticated biocomputer, one that is designed to learn survival patterns

About the Author: Steven Hassan

Licensed mental health counselor and an exit counselor Hassan was an early advocate of exit counseling, and is the author of two books on the subject of cults , and what he describes as their use of mind control, thought reform, and the psychology of influence in order to recruit and retain members.Himself a former member of the Unification Church, after spending one year assisting w

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