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Cold Storage: A Novel On Every Level, Cold Storage Is Pure, Unadulterated Entertainment Douglas Preston, The New York Times Book ReviewFor Fans Of The Martian, Dark Matter, And Before The Fall Comes An Astonishing Debut Thriller By The Screenwriter Of Jurassic Park A Wild And Terrifying Bioterrorism Adventure About Three Strangers Who Must Work Together To Contain A Highly Contagious, Deadly Organism That Could Destroy All Of HumanityThey Thought It Was Contained They Were WrongWhen Pentagon Bioterror Operative Roberto Diaz Was Sent To Investigate A Suspected Biochemical Attack, He Found Something Far Worse A Highly Mutative Organism Capable Of Extinction Level Destruction He Contained It And Buried It In Cold Storage Deep Beneath A Little Used Military RepositoryNow, After Decades Of Festering In A Forgotten Sub Basement, The Specimen Has Found Its Way Out And Is On A Lethal Feeding Frenzy Only Diaz Knows How To Stop ItHe Races Across The Country To Help Two Unwitting Security Guards One An Ex Con, The Other A Single Mother Over One Harrowing Night, The Unlikely Trio Must Figure Out How To Quarantine This Horror Again All They Have Is Luck, Fearlessness, And A Mordant Sense Of Humor Will That Be Enough To Save All Of Humanity

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    A fun read, if at times totally unbelievable, but hey this is fiction, and it s meant to entertain, right And entertain this book does A fungus that has killed everyone in a remote town in Western Australia has been languishing in a contained facility underground in Kansas The facility is then concealed, and fo

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    Deliciously Terrifying Two bio terrorism operatives are called on to investigate and handle a situation involving an isolated community 26 people in Australia Many years before, a NASA explorative space vehicle had exploded and some remnants landed in this country and for some reason this supposedly Harmless Container wa

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    I m terrified and horrified and that is exactly how I want to feel after reading a science fiction book Deep in the Australian outback festered a fungi that thrived on the atmosphere around it The highly mutative mucus infected the small and isolated settlement of people who resided there, incubating and expanding inside their bod

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    All that hand washing and disinfecting seems so futile when you get to see how a disease can spread FROM THE PATHOLOGICAL POINT OF VIEW OF THE CONTAGION ITSELF It only takes one tiny speck of a fungus virus bacteria hellbent on making its way into a delicious human body, and bam you re infected Are you also a goner, soon to explode like an

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    Cold Storage by David Koepp is not the sort of book I would normally have picked up But I was intrigued when I received a copy from Harlequin Australia as part of the HQ Book Club I am now very pleased have picked this book up David Koepp is a screenwriter who has worked on Jurassic Park and Mission Impossible to name a few This was clearly evident i

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    David Koepp began his career as a screenwriter and there s definitely a strong summer action movie vibe throughout this book.In short, fungus Anyone who s spent some time watching reading playing in the zombie apocalypse genre is likely already familiar with the Cordyceps fungus but this time it s been to space and picked up some brand new habits The book begi

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    This book comes with great pedigree as the author wrote the screenplay for Jurassic Park , it also comes with great premise..a eat all fungi is discovered in the 80 s in Australia but is managed and contained and no questions asked and what remains of the fungi is then sealed away hundreds of feet down in a black site mountainy thing..so far so good..the mountainy thing

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    Australian outback, 1987 Pentagon bioterror operative Roberto Diaz and his partner Trini Romano have been sent to Kiwirrkurra to a town where all the residents were dying All they know that in 1979 a Skylab Space Station fell out of the sky and a chunk of it landed in Kiwirrkurra, after years of the piece sitting in the ground as a souvenir, it began to rust.A local resident clea

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    What s your guess as to whether humanity will be saved by the heroes of this book I think I must have misread the blurb for this book because I was expecting an intelligent bio thriller and instead I got a dumb horror story with fungus created zombies There s way too much back story for the characters and a lame love story Big disappointment.

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    Three people on a plane flying to the vast outback in Western Australia where they suspected something terrible was happening But what they actually found was much worse The fungi that was mutating quickly had already killed all the small town s inhabitants Could it be contained Would the complete destruction of the town eliminate the threat It was years later when Roberto Diaz from the original thr

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