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The Dilemma The Million Copy Bestselling Author Returns With Another Breath Taking Book It S Livia S Fortieth Birthday And Tonight She S Having A Party, A Party She S Been Planning For A Long Time The Only Person Missing Will Be Her Daughter, MarnieBut Livia Has A Secret, A Secret She S Been Keeping From Adam, Her Husband, Until The Party Is Over Because How Can She Tell Him That Although She Loves Marnie, She S Glad Their Daughter Won T Be There To Celebrate With Her Adam Is Determined Everything Will Be Just Right For Livia And The Party Is Going To Be Perfect Until He Learns Something That Will Leave Him Facing An Unbearable Decision

About the Author: B.A. Paris

B A Paris grew up in England but has spent most of her adult life in France She has worked both in finance and as a teacher and has five daughters Behind Closed Doors is her first novel.

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    Actual footage of me awaiting this book release

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    I found this book hard to put down Each chapter alternates between Olivia and her husband with everything in between.Olivia didn t have a fabulous wedding She s longed and planned for her 40th birthday, what seems like, all her life She s saved and invested all her years focused on it.But does her birthday huge party go off with a bang It sure does But not in the way we think Olivia is walking around with a secret And we get to read what she s really

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    I m in a quandary no, a full fledged dilemma on how to review this one The entire read takes place over the course of just one evening Told from alternating POV of Adam and Livia A misguided couple so desperate to please each other yet so dismally confused on how to accomplish it A birthday party like no other Livia has saved up for years to throw herself the bash of the century for her 40th birthday And no one s stopping this epic event No matter what crazin

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    4 Stars.Most spouses keep a few secrets from each other, am I right Everyone does it and it s the reason why, this novel will getcha Livia and Adam have been married for over 20 years and have two children, Josh, 22 and Marnie, 19 Having had a small wedding ceremony way back when, Livia has been scrimping and saving for 20 years to have a huge 40th Birthday Party to make up for what she has always dreamed of.Livia s party would almost be perfect, if only..Livia never

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    I have one A dilemma apart from constantly spelling it with 1 m My dilemma is what to say about and what to mark this bookFirstly I am not going to give away any of the plot except to say Dilemma is 352 pages of focused dilemma s Words to describe it would be Claustrophobic, irritating, suspenseful, aggravating, wonderful, dark and upsetting Also at times repetitiveBut boy did it drag you in, coax you to stay, involve you and make you tense at the same time as frustrating yo

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    I was so excited to have a new B.A Paris book I settled down knowing I wouldn t be moving anytime soon I was right as soon as I had read the first page I was completely hooked and unable to put the book down Adam and Livia are married with two children, Josh 22 and Marnie 19 Livia has been planning her 40th birthday party for twenty years to make up for her small wedding She has been secretly saving so that she can have a party no one will forget All her friends will be there apart

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    I loved Behind Closed Doors, I liked The Breakdown and was curious to read B.A Paris latest novel As with her previous books, Dilemma is gripping and well written I quickly became absorbed in the lives of Livia, Adam and their two kids Marnie and Josh and wanted to know what happened to them Livia is turning 40 and organising a grand party to celebrate her big birthday On the day, her husband Adam is faced with a dilemma of whether to tell her something which would ruin the party or wait un

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    1.5 starsThis was a boring short story that was stretched out into a full length snooze of a book I basically hate read it Why Let me count the ways The entire book relies on the tired trope of a couple NOT TALKING TO EACH OTHER UGH I found it hard to believe a grown ass woman would dream of a 40th birthday party for 20 years, to make up for the big wedding she never had The way she obsesses over the party is utterly ridiculous Grow up already Pages and pages could be skimmed without missing a thin

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    The Dilemma is a little different to B.A Paris previous novels, in that it s of a family drama than a psychological thriller Livia, who is about to turn 40 has been looking forward to and planning a big birthday party for a long time The celebration with all her friends is important to her as she feels that she missed out on the big wedding to her husband Adam that she had planned when she became pregnant With Adam and son Josh helping, everything has been perfectly organised, except for the fact that her

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    Where do you start with a book like The BA Paris is a wonderful writer, and this books give you all the feels It is an emotional rollercoaster so have those tissues ready It is also a tough book to review without giving the plot away And trust me, you don t want this book to be spoilt before you read it It was also another book that is hard to put down once you start, the story will have you staying up way too late to find out what happens Livia is about to turn 40 She has been planning her 40th birthday party for

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