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Stegothesaurus Once upon a time, there were three dinosaurs A stegosaurus, another stegosaurus and a stegothesaurus While the first two brothers use simple words like big to describe a mountain, their brother Stegothesaurus uses robust words like gargantuan, gigantic, and Goliath The three brothers tranquil day comes to a halt when an allosaurus suddenly startles them Because Stegothesaurus was thinking of rich vocabulary like frightening and formidable to describe their predator, he was unable to escape with his brothers Stegothesaurus though soon learns that she isn t an allosaurus, but rather an allothesaurus But wait, how did she learn all these so many rich and powerful words Read to find out Stegothesaurus is truly a teacher s dream picture book T.L McBeth s endearing and adorable drawings of the dinosaur brothers warmly show their range of emotions Not only will students love the story, but also I cannot think of a better way to teach the power of using synonyms in our oral and written language What I love about Bridget Heos creative story is that Stegothesaurus uses multiple synonyms to describe things so teachers can also introduces shades of meaning Which word is stronger Gargantuan, gigantic or Goliath Special thanks to Christian Trimmer of Henry Holt Books for Young Readers for sending my bookexcursion group an advance reader s copy Stegothesaurus has a release date of June 2018 Plan for Stegothesaurus Book 2 in Summer 2019. I love Stegothesaurus and I might BE a stegothesaurus. A Fun, Playful, Energetic Story Starring Two Stegosauruses And One Stego Thesaurus About Family And Synonyms For The Young Word Lover In Your Home, Residence, Or Abode Stegothesaurus S Love Of Language Has Always Put Him At Odds With His Stegosaurus Brothers So When He Makes A Friend An Allo Thesaurus Who Is Just As Verbose As He, He Is Happy, Thrilled, And Ecstatic But Stegothesaurus Soon Learns That The Allothesaurus Has Very Different Ideas About What Constitutes A Good Meal, And He Ll Discover There S One Thing That He Loves Than Words His FamilyFeaturing Clever But Simple Text From Bridget Heos And Bold, Exuberant Art By T L McBeth, Stegothesaurus Introduces Young Readers To A Memorable, Original, Unforgettable Dinosaur Hero The thesaurus is my all time favorite book This adorable story plays on that love of words and unique descriptions The ending is pretty hilarious 3.5 I loved this one at the beginning I thought ahh this would have some great usage in the classroom for super fun mini lesson about word choice I hope someone does that with it, the kids will love it The end was just okiedokie to me, like a cool character and concept that didn t get taken anywhere much But For classroom word choice lessons 2nd 5th grade, this one is solid and should be used 5th grader s would roll their eyes but enjoy it. Note Advance Reader s Edition Book Releases June 2018I am a connoisseur of words and love that I can still learn new ones each day In my writing life, I search for fanciful, delightful words that I can use to describe the innumerable ways I ve enjoyed a book I ve read I count it a challenge to find a new one with each blog I write Today alone, I learned 3 new words Logophile, Philologos, and Logomaniac One who is a lover of words or is obssessed with them While I would not consider myself to be as extreme as a logomaniac, I do appreciate a book that teaches kids new words Bridget Heos does a good job of this in her book Stegothesaurus.Stegothesaurus is one of 3 dinosaur brothers who knows lots of words and uses them to describe everything he sees One day he meets a frightening, formidable, fearsome Allosaurus who knows and uses a lot of big beautiful words too and you ll never guess how she s gained such a robust vocabulary I am convinced that you will be surprised, amazed, astonished I enjoyed Stegothesaurus because learning new words is fun This book provides a great way to begin a discussion on synonyms and the use of a thesaurus to enrich our vocabularies as readers and writers Stegothesaurus Bridget Heos Perfect for me in every way Love that there is a dinosaur that uses a wealth of vocabulary Notice the play on the title I learned three new words and enjoyed the alliteration Fun surprise ending too Excellent book to share for word study at any age Great mentor text This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm Visit us for new picture books reviews daily Hello, friends Our book today is Stegothesaurus, written by Bridget Heos and illustrated by T.L McBeth, a silly adventure for budding wordsmiths.Once upon a time, there were two regular stegosauruses and their brother, a stegoTHEsaurus And while the first two brothers were content with their simple words to describe their world big mountain, yummy plants , their brother likes to use his wealth of synonyms instead Gargantuan, gigantic, Goliath , and Savory, scrumptious, succulent So when a terrifying Allosaurus sneaks up on their den one night, the first two brothers are quick to run but Stegothesaurus is so caught up with finding the right words, he is frozen in his tracks That is until the Allosaurus responds with a collection of words of her own turns out, she s an AlloTHEsaurus Looks like this is the beginning of a lovely friendship or is it This one was a delightful mix of weird, wacky, funny, and sweet The set up is the classic story of being the odd one out, a pretty common theme in kidlit, but with a fun vocabulary driven spin But from there, it takes some honestly surprising and entertaining turns I don t say this often about picture books, but there were some twists in here that I genuinely did not see coming The art is simple yet enjoyable, using basic shapes and saturated colors to create the characters and their environments, and adding a few bold design elements during the exciting moments The length was good, and JJ always loves a dinosaur A marvelous and unexpected tale, and we liked it, enjoyed it, dug it Baby Bookworm approvedNote A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Be sure to check out The Baby Bookworm for reviews I love this book so much Not just because it s clever, funny, and features my favorite dinosaur and emphasizes word nerdiness But also because there s an allosaurus in the book And as all Firefly fans will recognize, brings to mind this dialogue from the show Wash s Stegosaurus Yes Yes, this is a fertile land, and we will thrive We will rule over all this land, and we will call it This Land Wash s Allosaurus I think we should call it your grave.Wash s Stegosaurus Ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal Wash s Allosaurus Har har har Mine is an evil laugh Now die the Allosaurus attacks the Stegosaurus Wash s Stegosaurus Oh, no, God Oh, dear God in heaven Once there were three dinosaurs, two stegosauruses and one stegothesaurus Hi, said a stegosaurus Hi, said another stegosaurus Hello Greetings Salutations said the stegothesaurus He was a little different.What a fun romp of a story that makes for a great introduction to thesauruses or adding stronger words in writing.

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