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The Prodigal Tongue Read The Prodigal Tongue By Lynne Murphy Buyprobolan50.co.uk An American Linguist Teaching In England Explores The Sibling Rivalry Between British And American EnglishEnglish Accents Are The Sexiest Americans Have Ruined The English Language Such Claims About The English Language Are Often Repeated But Rarely Examined Professor Lynne Murphy Is On The Linguistic Front Line In The Prodigal Tongue She Explores The Fiction And Reality Of The Special Relationship Between British And American English By Examining The Causes And Symptoms Of American Verbal Inferiority Complex And Its Flipside, British Verbal Superiority Complex, Murphy Unravels The Prejudices, Stereotypes And Insecurities That Shape Our Attitudes To Our Own Language.With Great Humo U R And New Insights, Lynne Murphy Looks At The Social, Political And Linguistic Forces That Have Driven American And British English In Different Directions How Americans Got From Centre To Center, Why British Accents Are Growing Away From American Ones, And What Different Things We Mean When We Say Estate, Frown, Or Middle Class Is Anyone Winning This War Of The Words Will Yanks And Brits Ever Really Understand Each Other

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    Update Poo place This author is such a sneering hypocrite She might have lived for 20 years in the UK because of her husband but she has no love for the British She is talking about the words toilet, loo and lavatory she has forgotten bog, WC, khazi only old soldiers say this and brick shit hous

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    It seems that the author is trying to maintain a balance between British English and American English throughout the whole book But as a reader, I can still detect that the author is defending consciously or unconsciously American English, her native tongue, against the accusations made by linguistically

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    This is a British review of the British edition A lot of ink and paper has gone into books and articles about the differences between British and American English A lot of hot air has gone into complaining, at least on this side of the Atlantic, about the corruption of the language of Shakespeare and Milton by the

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    I am fascinated by the English language, its dialects and accents, so I was always going to love this book The author is an American linguist who has lived in England for 20 years, so she knows what she s writing about Many of my prejudices about Americanisms have been quashed there are lots of words and phrases I thought we

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    I love the chatty sort of language book that is equal parts academic and colorful examples John McWhorter is a favorite, and David Crystal Lynne Murphy was already a favorite of mine because of her language blog, Separated By a Common Language, and now she s written a book, yay She tackles a wide range of differences between the Engli

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    This was one of those books that felt like it came into my life at exactly the moment it was meant to Yes, I am one of many Anglophiles that admits to having an inferiority complex about my Americanisms, or American English, as the author so fascinatingly...

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    Every once in a while I ll come across a British person who feels the need to correct Americanisms for lack of a better term Grammar, word choice, spelling, etc I won t lie, this makes me roll my eyes, especially when it s on a social media platform that was invented and headquartered in the US and bases most of their employees in the US But that is neit

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    This books first half was hilarious It gotserious in the second half but was still very easy to read as a non fiction book An absolute must for Americans in England or Brits in America Or anyone with experience with both It spoke to my heart and my own experience An A...

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    What fun I was surprised to discover how many words I thought were american but were british and how many I thought were british were actually american She writes with a fun sense of humor making this a pleas...

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    A very interesting book about differences between American and British English Some parts I already knew for example that fall is from old English and was originally part of British English but there was quite a lot I learned I didn t know that in American English is quite is interchangeable with very I would have given this book 5 stars if it was not for the fact there are certain p

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