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Tycoon for Hire (Harlequin Romance Subscription, No. 447) 3.5 stars Okay, I never thought that I would find this one a fun read at the same time frustrating I liked that the Hero and heroine interacted in less than sexual way although, the Hero hinted that he really wanted to bed the heroine They were funny moments and I liked that the Hero made the heroine laugh a couple of times They were really meant for each other.UNTILThe heroine s stupidity I just couldn t reconcile in my own head how an intelligent woman in business so gullible when it came to other things animals, people, situation, etc She was impulsive in a flaky way hahaha and sometimes I felt sad for the Hero that he had to put up with her stupidity And also, all through out the story, the heroine wanted another man EVEN when the Hero and other people pointed out to her that she was wrong for him not really he was wrong for her haha She acted girlishly and in impulse especially when her emotions get wired up and proposed to that other man to spite the Hero For Pete s sake, then the story dragged from there 1 How the heroine should honor her words so she must marry the OM . it s 4 stars going on 3 because author dragged involvement of the second man too long for my liking,it s a shame they haven t cut that part cause beginning is phenomenal,there were few nice and humorous moments hero steps in a role of paid escort for her to make boyfriend jealous but in Epub Tycoon For Hire Harlequin Romance Subscription, No 447 Lucy Gordon Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Jennifer Norton Asked The Agency To Provide A Handsome Escort And He Was But Steven Leary Was Standing In For A Friend In Reality, He Was A Millionaire It Suited Him To Keep The Illusion Of A Relationship And Jennifer Was Secretly Pleased To Go Along With The Pretence.

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