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Shake & Bake (Cut & Run, #6.5) Because The Author Lost A Bet, Here S A Scene That Involves Ty, Zane, And Being Inappropriately Turned On By Bread.

10 thoughts on “Shake & Bake (Cut & Run, #6.5)

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    I miss Ty and Zane sigh

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    My boys I miss them so I will definitely be re reading about my favorite all time couple this year This was hilarious and just makes me wanna beg AR for another book. 3 3

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    I absolutely love Ty and Zane so anything including these two isthan welcome.This is an incredibly short read 3 pages which is the reason for the 3 but it s fun and cute.As they go out for a meal Ty

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    God I love these guys

  5. says:

    He gives good bread.

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    Of course I don t care what it is I ll read anything of Ty Zane Even bread pornEat your bread, Zane Come on and eat it for me Dip it in the oil, Zane

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    ha, I could totally just see it happening as I read it so funny

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    Bwahahahaha I don t remember ever reading this one Ty is too funny

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    This was a cute, funny and a little bit sexy short story of Ty Grady and Zane Garrett Not something one have to read in the series, but worth reading if one love the couple andof them, and I adore them.

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    Ay ben bunu nas l ka rm m D DYaaa nas l zlemi im bu ikiliyi ke ke birka kitap daha gelse

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