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Gold Tithings He D Never Had Another Man Belong To Him, Not Like This, Where The Ties Between Them Were A Leash And An Iron CollarWhen Anton Goes To Market To Buy An Ox, He Comes Home With A Slave Rebellious, Resentful Petre, Who Has Nothing To Say To A Free Man To Survive On Anton S Remote Farm, They Have To Work Together But Trust Doesn T Come Easily When You Re A Slave, And Neither Does Forging A Connection Across The Divide Of An Iron Collar And The Ghosts Of The Past

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    First of all I want to thank my friends for recommending me this short story because I absolutely loved it How is it possible that a 28 pages short story could make me feel like I ve read a full novel in the space of an hour Anton is an impoverished farmer visiting the market to

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    RE READ REVIEW, MAY 2018 I feel soooooo goooood now It was as sweet, as unassuming and as exquisitely painted by Kate Islay as I remembered it from my previous reads of this great short

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    Understated.I really don t have any useful or stunning observations This story is peaceful, which when one thinks about all the things going on slavery, subsistence farming, grief that it would seem overwhelming But it s not There s an acceptance, and unspoken choices that give the feeling of quiesc

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    Beautiful This short story is powerful in its gentle poignancy and grace If you have seen the quiet and lovely movie, God s Own Country, you will recognize similar themes of loneliness, a need for shared intimacy, and a bright hopefulness for the future I was enthralled.Thank you to my GR pals for recommendin

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    A beautiful storyAnton, an impoverished farmer , goes to town to buy an ox Instead his buys Petyr, a slave who looks like Anton s dead lover.A beautiful, quiet story about trust and love Not about falling in love at all It s set maybe 2000 years ago, maybe longer, maybe a fantasy world Because there s no history here,

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    Short Very good And I so wanted it to continue on for a lot longer.The topic in the story did made my mind go back and revisit Desert Ice by Rose Maefair, a similar starting point storywise but set in a world where mages and magic exists Short Very good And I so wanted it to continue on for a lot longer.The topic in the story di

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    thank you Elena it was a truly beautiful read about longing, trust so short but also so complete

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    This author has the knack for beautifully drafting the tender but tension filled push and pull dance between benevolent master and cautious slave until they meet in the middle as men A somber mood and subtle acceptance of their individual circumstances and each other mark Anton and Petre s coming together As their guards come down and vulnerabiliti

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    This is a good short romance, sort of a slice of life set in a fantasy world Both characters do a lot of introspection, but the writing is also fairly atmospheric I really felt the bleakness of Anton s isolated farm and the difficulty of his life His relationship with Petre is extremely understated, but I believe they ll have a happy future together I ll def

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    Beautiful Wow this was beautiful in its simplicity Not a lot going on but it feltpoignant I do wish we had a less abstract ending but maybe that s the beauty of it It spelled out a lot of possibilities so how it ends is up to each reader Beautiful

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