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Captured (Alien Space Pirates, #1) Epub Captured Alien Space Pirates, 1 Author Mara Frost Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk They Say No One Can Hear You Scream In Space, And That Really Sucks For Me

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    I guess this author figured out how to getthan.99 for her book onShe split it up in 3 parts The first one just abruptly ended and the second book starts immediately after It wasn t really a cliff ha

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    3.5 stars.pretty funny entertaining read.

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    I ve been in such a book funk lately I m not sure if I ve really been striking out with crappy book selections or if it s just my inability to get into a story I was happy to easily get into this short story.

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    NASA is short of cash so they hold a lottery open to the general public at 50 a ticket, Dani is the lucky winner and after 8 months intensive training she arrives on the international space station that s the prize Dani has hard

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    I was bored and that was the only reason I finished this That and the fact that it was super short since it is a serial story First and I m harping on the same old thing, jiminy christmas if you don t understand how first person POV view

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    So fun I love the voice in this novella I became purely immersed in no time at all Cliffhanger warning, have book two next to you and ready to go.

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    Alien Space Pirates It s like this book was made for me Although I have to point out that this book is basically the first 4 chapters of a whole book that has been chopped up I really hate it when authors do that, but since this one is only charging 0.99 for

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    Read 2 times01 09 2016When you read something called Alien Space Pirates you don t exactly expect it to be full of feels or anything, but I totally teared up It was really smart and funny and the characters were interesting ON TO THE NEXT 09 03 2016I like the characte

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    So glad I found this gem of a series I would have loved a full novel, well because Dani has won a trip to the space station in a NASA lottery and after 8 months of training is finally in space, puking because of the lack of gravity Her only friend on board is Jordan, a real ast

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    The main character is so sassy The writing style reminded me of kevin Hearne, author of the Iron Druid chronicles So funny I noticed throughout all three books, the main male character did a lot of growling.like a lot, it got kind of old I did enjoy this and it s a very light read I coul

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