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Extermination (Daniel Black, #3) Gaea S Favored Children Have Put Her Ancient Plan To Cleanse The Earth Of Humans Into Motion, And Kozalin Stands High On Their List Of Targets Uncertain Alliances, Scheming Gods And An Implacable Foe Will Push Daniel To His Limits How Far Will The Wizard From Earth Go, To Protect His Family Warning This Novel Contains Graphic Violence, Explicit Sex, Unconventional Opinions And A Protagonist Who Has No Interest In Being Normal Read At Your Own Risk.

10 thoughts on “Extermination (Daniel Black, #3)

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    This book is on par with the second book, I like how everything is coming together although I do have a few gripes about how the series is progressing.The first book was suggested to me because it was

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    Good book Hate the endingThis was another well written book that helped with defining all the characters I even liked the ending But at the same time I didn t like the ending I hate it when an author ends

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    A worthy continuation of the series

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    About as good as book 2.Extermination is the second novel in the Daniel Black LitRPG series The novel continues about when the second novel ended Daniel and his family slowly build and consolidate their place in the

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    Good reading experience, growing storylineIt was a good reading experience and a well done addition to the storyline and characters I was left with no firm idea where the story is going which is good Definitely not predi

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    I can t waitA true action hero series, not a blood thirsty hero but a man with brains I can t wait for book 4 to see what Daniel Black i.e E W Brown comes up with next Thank you Sir.

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    Damn it, now I have to wait for the next book This story is getting pretty damn good The ending pretty much set up the possiblility of a kind of funny pun Daniel Black s disease that he caused could be called the Black Plague.

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    Brown Gets Even Better With Black HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FANTASY SERIES This is the third Daniel Black book and it is the best so far I have read all three over a week, but if I was to read them out of order, I would have been totally lost

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    Clever, funny, brutal, could not put this book down.Was sceptical when I first started reading this book, misogyny, sexist, I m not sure but it works Can t wait for the next instalment.

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    The book was everything I was hoping for and then some Can not wait for the next book.

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