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Five Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain One Quiet Evening In Salisbury, The Peace Is Shattered By A Serious Car Crash At That Moment, Five Lives Collide A Flower Seller, A Schoolboy, An Army Wife, A Security Guard, A Widower All Facing Their Own Personal Disasters

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    Wonted for WiltshireAccording to the Eastern Orthodox Church s theory of icons, what distinguishes an icon from an idol is its ability to lead beyond itself and to allow the observer access to another reality For Norris, the spire of Salisbury Cathedral is such an icon But the cathedral, rather than pointing to God, reflects those who see it back to themselv

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    Unequivocal 5 stars Five Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain is the debut novel of playwright Barney Norris These rivers meet in Salisbury, England, where the five characters of this novel live The beginning is beautifully lyrical I had no idea what I was in for, as I hadn t bothered to read the blurb.Five ordinary people are impacted by a car accident, either as observers o

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    This book has a nice concept at its core but unfortunately the self consciously literary tone and excessive amounts of exposition as opposed to dialogue or action killed it for me I had misgivings from the beginning The prologue is very florid, containing all kinds of confusing metaphors There were sentences in there which I had to read two or three times to try and work out wh

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    Barney Norris is a playwright in his twenties, so it s no surprise that there s something a little staged to his debut novel The lives of the book s five narrators collide one night when a car hits a moped in Salisbury town center We hear from each protagonist in turn as they reflect on their losses and wonder whether religion represented by Salisbury Cathedral and the scripture and ritu

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    This is a spectacular book unusual, sad, poetic, and gorgeously written Five intersecting stories in five very different voices, all set in the shadow of Salisbury Cathedral and the context of a single incident reveal how closely we co exist how fragile our lives can often be and how beautiful the small human connections that we make on a daily basis can be, when revealed in just the right kind of

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    Really excellent debut novel The book has a strong sense of place set in and around Salisbury, the cathedral, Old Sarum, Stonehenge and the wooded flood plain where five rivers meet The book starts with a pastoral, image filled description of this landscape and the song of the countryside and rivers and then follows five separate characters whose lives intersect around a single incident a car crash but we a

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    at times this book is depressing but liked how he linked 5 separate people and how one event effects them all in different ways

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    Five rivers ran together and the earth sang in celebration at the top of it s voice, a music hidden in the details of everyday, in footfalls of thousands of locals, ringing of cash registers and the great soaring dream of the spire, the ideas and dreams encased in the buildings is what makes them beautiful And so begins a novel in love with stories and dreams, thoughts, silences and words And Salisbury Here in this city is whe

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    I thought this was an excellent book Barney Norris writes with clear eyed, unflinching insight into the human condition, but with real compassion and a redemptive note of hope which makes this something quite special.Five Rivers Met On A Wooded Plain is a sequence of five stories, each narrated in the first person by a variety of characters all of whom live in or near Salisbury It becomes clear eventually that their stories are related

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    Cannot recommend this book enough The author s nuanced touch and deft handling of emotion and history and the beating heart of this part of the country, is magical You won t regret this wonderful interweaving of five lives.

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