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Psychoanalysis Since Its Inception, Psychoanalysis Has Been Hailed As A Revolutionary Theory Of How The Mind Works, Whilst Some Of Its Ideas Such As The Oedipus Complex Have Become Part Of Everyday Conversation In Psychoanalysis A Very Short Introduction, Daniel Pick Offers A Lucid, Lively, And Wide Ranging Survey Of Psychoanalysis This Book Offers The Reader A Flavour Of What It Might Be Like To Enter Treatment, And Suggests The Possible Surprises That Can Await Bothanalyst And Patient, As Well As The Potential Benefits.Yet Whilst Freud S Writings Have Shaped The Way Many Of Us Understand Dreams, Desires, And Destructiveness, As Well As Anxieties, Blunders, And Guilt, Numerous Critics Have Warned Of The Dangerous Methods And Time Bound Assumptions Of Psychoanalysis, Doubted The Efficacy Of Its Drawn Out Methods, And Dismissed Its Core Claims As Pseudo Science Looking At Modern Ideas Of The Self, Exploring The Nature Of Unconscious Aspects Of Relationships, And Considering How Psychoanalysis Has Evolved, Pickponders The Particular Challenges Now Facing The Analytic Profession, And Shows Why Psychoanalysis Remains An Important Resource For Investigating The Mind, Its Creative Functioning And Many Afflictions.ABOUT THE SERIES The Very Short Introductions Series From Oxford University Press Contains Hundreds Of Titles In Almost Every Subject Area These Pocket Sized Books Are The Perfect Way To Get Ahead In A New Subject Quickly Our Expert Authors Combine Facts, Analysis, Perspective, New Ideas, And Enthusiasm To Make Interesting And Challenging Topics Highly Readable.

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    Dit boek schetst slechts de top van de ijsberg als het gaat om wat psychoanlyse precies is, hoe het is ontstaan, meningsverschillen van vroeger en nu en wat de toegevoegde waarde van psychoanlyse zou kunnen zijn voor de huidige en toekomstige maatschappij En dat is prima, als startpunt waardevol

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    This was indeed very short, as the name suggests, and very concise For the length the amount of information packed in is quite a lot I would suggest further reading for anyone seriously interested in the subject though.

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    Brief, easy introduction to psychoanalytic theory, appropriately heavy on its origins and Freud, but also including other major figures and the state of the discipline today Very readable.

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