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Stand-In Wife PDF Epub Stand In Wife Author Debbie Macomber Valtrex 4.us Tragedy Had Shattered Paul Manning S Whole World Leaving Him A Widower With Three Small Children Reeling From Shock And Grief, He Turned In Desperation To The One Person He Knew He Could Count On Gentle, Caring Leah Baker Slowly, Leah Eased His Sorrow And Filled His Life With New Meaning Then Paul Made An Amazing Discovery He Needed Leah And Desired Her With An Overwhelming Passion But Asking Leah To Be His Wife Was One Thing Winning Her Trust Was Another Somehow, He Had To Convince This Woman He D Just Vowed To Honor And Cherish Forever That They Belonged Together Heart And Soul

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    Leah and Diane are sisters and have always been close With no other family they have always been there for each other Diane is married to Paul and has cute twin boys When she finds out she is pregnant her husband and her are elated After the birth of their 3rd child Diane dies after c

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    I didn t love this one The story was just a little creepy to me wife dies in childbirth, sister takes over, sister and husband fall in love and marry in less than a year.

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    Reviewed for THC Reviews Stand In Wife is another gentle contemporary romance in Debbie Macomber s Those Manning Men series As with the other Manning books so far, this novel didn t have a very involved plotline, but overall, it was sweet and enjoyable In this one, Paul Manning is suddenly widowed when h

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    While I m sure that there s a remote chance of this happening, it seemed fanciful to me.

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    Not much there for a story Premise not believable that husband would love again so quickly after loss of wife he supposedly loved so much.

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    This is probably my favorite book of the whole Manning series Yes it may seem a little off that only six months after his wife s death he marries again, but it s not really a creepy thing Leah is a woman with nofamily left Her family was Diane, so now she felt like she owed it to her sister to care of her sister s family They didn t

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    I turn to Debbie Macomber when I want a clean, quick, fluffy read, and she never fails to disappoint This is one of her older books A very quick read, not a lot of depth The premise of the novel is what happens when a man loses his wife to death and then later falls for her sister Mostly, the book made time think about how I d feel about it if

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    It s hard for me to review this book I enjoyed the story, but I found it creepy at times how Paul leered at his sister in law so soon after his wife s death I think this story would have been a lot better if it would have taken place a li...

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    A love given as a giftBecause like all of Debbie books I will consume them in one day I loved that thru their loss the learned to love I would recommend the book to the romantic.

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    Dalam rangka mengembalikan mood baca Buku tipis ini tyt dibaca dalam 2 hari, padahal baguss Jadi pengen nyari serie yg laen.

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