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As advertised, this book is short super short and to the point This is a step by step guide on how to run meetings and to ensure compliance in your employees This is the Slytherin textbook for managing. MehThis book should have been shortened to its conclusion chapter or its headers It doesn t say much that is unique to remote teams, nor are they covered in convincing depth Being direct, responsible, and a clear communicator are obvious goals for any manager.The writer also implied that his employees would be lazy if not for the dates he set While dates are important, chiefly for their value in communicating expectations they aren t to combat assumed laziness. Pros The tactics are certainly useful and applicable And in my current role, I will definitely apply them, I believe they will give me good results As far as the purpose of this book goes, it fulfilled its purpose Cons While this book certainly left me with different tactics to use, I felt this could have easily been an article Sure, the author wouldn t have gotten the money for it, but if you re going to make me pay for a book, give me a little Perhaps applicable, real life examples, or the strategic WITH the tactical he made of point of saying the book is short because it doesn t focus on the strategic, or have fluff I am all about understanding the strategic side of things before diving into tactical, so for me, it would have been helpful Conclusion If you are managing or supporting virtual teams, you ll find great value in this But you ll which you grabbed it from the library, or paid half of what it cost, because it was so short on content 17 easy and effective tactics but often ignored It take me about 65min with few interruption to read this book, a bit less than the 45min I took to read another book from Hassan Effective Delegation of Authority A Really Short Book for New Managers About How to Delegate Work Using a Simple Delegation Process Both books are concise, to the points and full with tips ans advices you can readily use and apply I love the three tactics about meetings before, during and after.Quoting the author, these are indeed seventeen killer tactics that ll help you motivate your virtual team to be productive.Most of these tactics are common sense and so obvious but most often ignored by leadees and managers This is a must read book for anyone leading or managing virtual teams. Learn The Psychological Secrets Of Persuasion That Influence Your Remote Employees To Do What You Need Them To DoStop Chasing Down Your Employees To Make Sure That Their Work Is Being DoneIn Influencing Virtual Teams You Ll Get Step By Step Tactics That You Can Implement Straightaway With Your Team To Improve Your Team S Engagement And Commitment To Doing Their WorkYou Ll Learn How A Single Word Can Increase Compliance By % How To Make Someone Reply Back To Your Emails Using Only The Subject Line How To Set Deadlines So That They Re Met By Your Team What You Need To Do Before, During And After Every Meeting To Increase Adoption Rates How To Ensure % Commitment From A Team Member In Six Easy Steps Using Just Four Questions, How To Know What Your Remote Employees Are Really Thinking How To Leave The Perfect Voice Message The Secret Formula For Establishing Trust With Your Team And Much, Much Here S What S Covered In The Book Tactic One Word That Influences Your Virtual TeamTactic Set DeadlinesTactic Assign ResponsibilityTactic Explain TasksTactic When Delegating Tasks, Write Them OutTactic The Secret Formula For Establishing TrustTactic Increase Reliability Among Your TeamTactic Increase The Level Of LikeabilityTactic Six Steps To Ensure % CommitmentTactic Know What Someone Is Really ThinkingTactic Leave The Perfect Voice MessageTactic Write Assertive EmailsTactic What You Should Do Before Every MeetingTactic What You Should Do During Every MeetingTactic What You Should Do After Every MeetingTactic Use Your Voice To Your AdvantageTactic Make Your Emails Stand Out Using The Subject Line As others have said, short and to the point But the points are valid and actionable, and while I have read lots of books and listened to countless management podcasts..this was useful, and I learned something. Useful and to the pointA lot of business books are boring, fluffy, and self important This book is to the point, an easy and enjoyable read, and gives tips that can be implemented immediately. To the pointThis is a concise book for anyone working with virtual teams All the tactics need to be worked into your day to day engagements with team members. It validates what I m already doing with my team in Argentina, so I guess there is value in that Also, it took less than an hour to read. Helpful content.Well, I thought that the this book would provide information then his course in Udemy, but it is same. Influencing Virtual Teams

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Influencing Virtual Teams book, this is one of the most wanted Hassan Osman author readers around the world.

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