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The Firefighters Appeal This was a good read once you got into it I did have a hard time because I am familiar with the fire service though working in EMS and because of her feelings towards firefighters do to her lack of understanding it was hard for me to get into without getting annoyed Once Lilly began to understand the workings and consider that she might have feelings and that it was OK it started to pick up only to have Garrett ignore his feelings because he didn t want anyone to g Download The Firefighters Appeal Elizabeth Otto Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Reliving The Past Or Letting It Go Lily Ashden Is Finally Ready To Have Fun Again It S Been A Year Since She Survived A Deadly House Fire, And She Wants To Celebrate Being Alive Enter Garrett Mateo Gorgeous, Funny And Extremely Capable Of Arousing Her Flirtatious Side He Would Be Perfect If Only He Wasn T A Firefighter After What Happened To Her, She Refuses To Consider Him Too Bad Garrett Is Suddenly Everywhere, Tempting Her To Look Beyond His Job His Charm Proves Irresistible, And Lily Lets Herself Fall Until She Learns His Devastating Secret Now She Must Decide If Her Future Happiness Depends On Giving Him Another Chance. This is the emotionally romantic story of Garrett and Lily Lily lost her sister in a devastating house fire a year earlier and is still coming to terms with this loss She meets Garrett and is instantly attracted to him, only to discover that he is a fireman and she has sworn off ever dating one after her personal experience The question is whether she can let go of the past, and look to a new future with Garrett.I loved this story Both main characters were very appealing to me Lily is a bright, talented woman working for her father s construction company She is trying hard to put the loss of her sister behind her Meeting Garrett shatters her perception of firemen and forces her to look deeper into her feelings about what happened Garrett is portrayed as an attractive, strong, confident man who also is dealing with fire related trauma from his past and his current career He s sworn to not get emotionally involved with a woman, knowing the heartache that loss can cause Yet something about Lily attracts him beyond just her looks, scaring him at the same time as it entices him into a relationship with her The alternating points of view give insight into both Lily s and Garrett s thoughts and emotions as their relationship progresses The sexual tension between them is obvious from their first meeting and leads to some steamy love scenes The secondary Otto s nicely written story features root worthy characters and an emotionally intense plot line The tension between Lily and her father and a tornado gutting part of the town add extra drama to the story RT Book Reviews 4 stars I enjoyed this read so much Their attraction is immediate and powerful but they both have reasons not to pursue it but fighting it might be too much for either of them This is a great story that is well written with wonderful characters that pull you in If you like really H This was a very enjoyable read.A wonderful story about loss, grieve, love, learning to accept and letting go the past and starting over again all with some humor mixed in.You can find my full review here Cheesy romance providing easy escape. 4.5 Appealing Stars This was such a great read I loved both Lily and Garrett, and couldn t wait to find out if the pain from their pasts could be healed enough to let them have a future together I loved the writing style, the depth of the characters, and the emotion packed storyline all things which seem to be consistent in Elizabeth Otto s books.So, we have Garrett, otherwise known as Mr September, a nickname he s earned from his spot on the fire department s charity calendar He s not really a player, but he s so emotionally closed off that spending than a few nights with the same woman just isn t in his game plan Keep it short and sweet, no promises and upfront about the arrangement, and you never have to worry about getting close to someone who you might lose one day Of course being part owner of a bar also gives him enough women to choose from, although lately he really just hasn t been interested Garrett was such a contradiction he couldn t deny his attraction to Lily was something , but you could tell how scared he was to pursue anything permanent with her And despite his reservations, he couldn t seem to stay away and I Ioved watching the sparks fly between these two and Garrett s shameless pursuit of Lily Then we have Lily She has one rule never get involved with a fi Holy Smoke this is a really good book Elizabeth Otto s A Firefighter s Appeal is a heartwarming love story, and I really enjoyed it I liked the characters, the story arc and the resolution The book is about Garrett Mateo and Lily Ashen He s a charming, gorgeous, seemingly carefree firefighter determined never to commit, and she s a strong willed fire survivor wanting to have some fun The problem She blames firemen for her sister s death Uh oh They are both afraid of getting too close, but they can t help doing just that Add in that he needs her to design an expansion onto his bar, so he can help take care of his uncle s family , and she needs his business and, ultimately, the closure he can provide, and these two can t stay away from each other.The story is intense There is a lot of sadness because of what they have both gone through, and you get both POVs I loved the supporting characters they add such depth to the story There is one very moving scene at the end that is really powerful I laughed spiders , and I cried when they each realize who is on the other side of the wall when Garrett s worst fear is almost realized It was also very moving watching Lily come to terms with her sister s death and move on from some things that have happened in her past I liked Lily Occasionally I was frustrated because I wanted her to stop dwelling on th

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Elizabeth writes steamy contemporary and paranormal romance by day, and works as an Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate by night The night shift provides never ending fodder for plots, characters and story lines When not creating characters or saving lives, she wrangles three demonic children and tends to her heirloom garden in the beautiful Midwest Watch for Elizabeth s Paint River Cowbo

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