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The Horseman Es una historia bonita pero nada memorable, es decir, la he le do una y otra vez con diferentes personajes pero las mismas situaciones. Jillian Hart has good ideas for stories, but seldom do her characters have real depth I thought the hero was cute in his shyness, the Heroin was a whiny baby I understood the whiny part, but it got old it was never explain Download The Horseman Author Jillian Hart Undercostruction.eu 19th Century American West Dillon Hennessey Was A Man Like No OtherStrong Yet Caring, Determined Yet Kind But He Was Still A Man, Katelyn Green Reminded Herself, And Therefore Not To Be Trusted Hadn T Her Own Husband Abandoned Her In Her Hour Of Need And Yet The Whispers In Her Soul Promised Happiness With This Man Who D Gentled Horses And Her Heart Katelyn Green Had Lost A Child, And Dillon Knew It Ate Away At Her Very Core He Would Help Her If He Could, If He Had The Words And Ways But Would His Tenderness Be Enough To Win A Woman Who D Been Robbed Of Her Faith In Love This was a good western historical romance about a woman who had previously been in an abusive relationship, and a cowboy who had never had one at all Dillon was a dream hero My only complaint and its a purely personal one, is that Dillon started Hard to believe that this was written in 2004, it s got such a traditionalist feel to it Men portrayed as abusers or caretakers, thinking of women as pretty, and as possesions to be protected His shyness was rather endearing though So were the observations that while he was not educated, he dealt in intuition, so he knew how to read people I loved Dillon s shyness. Wow I thought this is a reread but obviously I never gotten around to it the first time, what was I thinking I love the storyline and I already forsee I ll adore the H The H is super duper wonderful He s kind understanding and most important of all, very patient with the h, when I wanted to throttle her at times I really adore how straightforward he is regarding his feelings for her and how he went about making sure his actions speak even louder than his words I m a sucker for beta H that s a tad shy with absolute devotion and this one fits the bill very well.The h, on the other hand, is pretty flat to me She s sweet, has been through a lot and really seems to be forever sad only, which I can understand given her circumstance, but after half a book of the same thing, it gets a bit old with not much development.The plot is the major issue I have with this book There doesn t seem to be much of one, and the book is just a rehashing of the H declaring and showing his love for the h and the h wav Picked this to read because it was 2 on a Heroes and Heartbreakers contributor s list of favorite western romances Well, I love westerns so I m reading through the list This was an okay read with a truly wonderful beta hero, Dillon, who is working on the heroine s stepfather s ranch as a horse wrangler Dillon is actually a very successful horse whisperer who learned to work with animals from his Nez Perce warrior grandfather The heroine, Katelyn, is a very unwelcome guest in her childhood home where her bitter, grasping mother lives with her evil stepfather Katelyn was beaten by her abusive husband into an early delivery of a stillborn daughter sustaining injuries that leave her battered and barren She is literally cast out of her home into the snow by her older judge husband who apparently has the power to grant himself a quickie divorce based on her barrenness She staggers the mile out of town to her parent s ranch where Dillon takes one look at her battered ethereal beauty and is smitten for life This is one of those stories where you just have to suspend any pretext at reality and just go with it or you ll end up frustrated Dillon is obviously a fantasy hero He doesn t have a single fault and his every effort goes toward healing and loving the heroine The heroine is an ethereal beauty whose favorite pastime is feeding the local fauna from a bucket of grain Okay, that was a little snarky but I was seriously reminded of an old time Disney heroine I alm Katelyn has a rough life Her home life was bad enough to marry a man that turned out to be a bad pick She then find the man that she was fated for Dillon is a man like no other He trains the horses that have a bad time given to them So to get a wife like Katelyn is a perfect match for him. This was a sweet read I actually finished it a couple of weeks ago, but having a baby slowed me down a bit on reviewing The basic plot of the story is this Heroine suffers a miscarriage, after which her husband sets her aside and she returns home to live with her mother and stepfather She s not particularly welcome in their home and her life is pretty bleak Then she meets the horseman her stepfather has hired to tame some of his horses This goodhearted, gentle man helps her to feel alive again, and he in turn finds himself captivated by this woman Both characters are likable and their love story is truly very sweet in a way that I haven t read in years The tone reminded me quite a

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Jillian Hart grew up on her family s homestead in Washington state, where she raised cattle, rode horses and scribbled stories in her spare time After earning her English degree from Whitman College, she worked in travel and advertising before selling her first novel When Jillian isn t working on her next story, she can be found puttering around her rose garden, curled up with a good book and sp

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