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Ghosts of My Life: Writings on Depression, Hauntology and Lost Futures This Collection Of Writings By Mark Fisher, Author Of The Acclaimed Capitalist Realism, Argues That We Are Haunted By Futures That Failed To Happen Fisher Searches For The Traces Of These Lost Futures In The Work Of David Peace, John Le Carr , Christopher Nolan, Joy Division, Burial And Many Others

About the Author: Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher 1968 2017 was a co founder of Zero Books and Repeater Books His blog, k punk, defined critical writing for a generation He wrote three books, Capitalist Realism, Ghosts of My Life and The Weird and the Eerie, and was a Visiting Fellow in the Visual Cultures department at Goldsmiths, University of London Librarian s note There isthan one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

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    Despite the fact that I spend a lot of my free time reading, I m not the sort of person who goes around saying books have changed my life I struggle to see how even the most brilliant and memorable books I ve read have actually changed me But Ghosts of My Life might truly deserve that

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    I can t prove it, but I believe there s a bit of a cult of personality surrounding thinker critic philosopher Mark Fisher It s easy to see why His work The Weird and the Eerie, for example, is must read material for readers of dark fiction and horror, as clear an explication of the distinction

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    Having read Ghosts of My Life, I now know hauntology refers to the psychological state of being haunted by a future that, for one reason or another, never arrived in one of modernity s many vacant slots It s a bitcomplicated than that though, and if some Deleuzian theoretician cornered me in an alley a

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    The slow cancellation of the future has been accompanied by a deflation of expectations.You re killing me, Zero Books, just killing me Years ago, when Hope and Change were in the air my wife asked me what sort of revolutionary are you I responded, I m a janitor which is likely a quote from a George Clooney film

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    Ghosts of the past are all you have when the future is canceled Something happened in the 1970s that ended the modernist impulse to break new ground and make something new in pop culture and the arts Think about it Would someone from the 1990s be as shocked by the music of 2019 as say someone from 1961 at the musical of

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    If we live in a philosophical era, it is Fisherian I know that s a bold and perhaps even hyperbolic statement, but I firmly believe it to be true Musically and cinematically, it s true, and the only reason it isn t true literarily is that the tastes of the literary fiction buying public haven t caught up We live in a world haunt

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    Another work I wish I had discovered back when I was writing my thesis on melancholia and cultural production Fisher s hauntology essays, the original text from Derrida, and selected Lacanian theory would really have filled out the early sections nicely I used Kristeva but wasn t ready yet to absorb Lacan in pure form Am I haunted by the

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    A collection of blog posts and short essays from the past 10 years or so, loosely connected around the notion of hauntology , which Fisher takes from Derrida s Specters Of Marx although the word first appeared in Christine Brooke Rose s Amalgamemnon in 1984 This contains some interesting views on, amongst other things Joy Division, adaptations of

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    I bought this after enjoying Capitalist Realism and having followed the author s blog k punk on and off for a number of years This is actually a compilation of writings published there and for other magazines and websites, and I think some of it was familiar to me, but there was nothing here that I minded re reading The title, and the beautifully written

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    A collection of essays on the lost futures of popular culture in the face of neoliberalism and capitalist realism Not being a pop culture aficionado like Fisher, a lot of the music history went over my head I learnedabout the underground British experimental hip hop scene of the 1990s than I cared to know It is a very personal work the essays rely heavily on Fishe

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