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Permaculture Two Permaculture Two Delves Deeper Into The Concept Of Consciously Designed Agricultural Systems Author, Bill Mollison, Describes New Approaches And Solutions That Have Evolved Around The World Ways In Which Plants Can Modify Climate And Many Forms Of Pollution Are Discussed Highly Productive, Low Energy Systems, Are Made Clear, In This Fascinating Book That Offers Some Concrete Solutions For Saving Mother Earth.

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    This is an amazing resource from the seventies It s also amazing thatof these proven techniques for saving energy through design and increasing the yields of any type of land have not been widely adopted in the last 40 years.Compared to the first book, this one is muchdesigner friendly as well as readable The downside for me is that he does not add

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    Interesting information but the specifics areapplicable to the arid climate of Australia where Mr Mollison hails from than our maritime climate.

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