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Reflections in a Golden Eye PDF Epub Reflections In A Golden Eye Author Carson McCullers Rarefishingbooks.co.uk A Masterpiece As Mature And Finished As Henry James S The Turn Of The Screw TimeSet On A Southern Army Base In The 1930s, Reflections In A Golden Eye Tells The Story Of Captain Penderton, A Bisexual Whose Life Is Upset By The Arrival Of Major Langdon, A Charming Womanizer Who Has An Affair With Penderton S Tempestuous And Flirtatious Wife, Leonora Upon The Novel S Publication In 1941, Reviewers Were Unsure Of What To Make Of Its Relatively Scandalous Subject Matter But A Critic For Time Magazine Wrote, In Almost Any Hands, Such Material Would Yield A Rank Fruitcake Of Mere Arty Melodrama But Carson McCullers Tells Her Tale With Simplicity, Insight, And A Rare Gift Of Phrase Written During A Time When McCullers S Own Marriage To Reeves Was On The Brink Of Collapse

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    in a moment when a great but unknown shock is expected, the mind instinctively prepares itself by abandoning momentarily the faculty of surprise In that vulnerable instant a kaleidoscope of half guessed possibilities project themselves, and when the disaster has def

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    An impending sense of dread interlaces the lives of five characters set on an army base in the American South of the 1930s They are all prey of the remorse that goes along with secret liaisons, inner frustrations and repressed sexual preferences With the rigidness of the

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    Carson s biographer tells us that her family got an anonymous phone call just after this novel was published An alleged Ku Klux Klansman called to say that he and his friends were going to get her that night She had been a nigger lover in her first book, he said, and no

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    This novel, Carson McCullers s second, first came out serialized in Harper s Bazaar in 1940 The following year it was published as a book She wrote it in 1939, originally entitled Army Post The idea for the book grew from both a visit she had made as an adolescent to Fort B

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    I am humbled once again by the familiarity of Carson McCullers with pain, loneliness and alienation the dark thread that ties together her novels and stories, the silent scream of despair that unites the patrons of a sad cafe with the unsuccesful hunters for love in a mill t

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    I love the way McCullers s work is overrun with the most vivid queens Some closeted, like Lieutenant Penderton here, but others gay and carefree, like Anacleto, Mrs Langdon s Filipino houseboy This is a story of sexual derangement, of what happens when the love impulse is for

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    K sac k bir kitapta bu kadar garip karakterler yaratmak ve onlar olabilecek en ilgin durumlara sokmak her yazar n elinden gelmez san r m.

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    Reflections in a Golden Eye starts plainly enough, easing into the lives of a Captain, a Major, their wives and a strange, compulsive observer, a soldier portrayed part innocent child and part insidious interloper.The story plays out calmly but at times is like a feverish dream

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    O capit o Penderton, a mulher Leonora e o soldado Williams o major Langdon, a mulher Alison e o criado Anacleto.S o seis personagens que vivem e convivem numa base militarCarson McCullers uma escritora com um dom para criar personagens complexas e narrar, com uma escrita despret

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    A novella set in an army camp in the US south, presumably around 1940, when it was written, though it felt like the 50s or 60s It concerns six characters two officer couples, a servant and a conscript , each with an obsession with one of the others Unlike some of her books, race

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