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Dreaming for Freud An Award Winning Author Reimagines One Of Freud S Most Famous And Controversial Cases.Acclaimed For Her Spare Prose And Exceptional Psychological Insights In Her Novels Becoming Jane Eyre And Love Child, Sheila Kohler S Latest Is Inspired By Sigmund Freud S Dora An Analysis Of A Case Of Hysteria Dreaming For Freud Paints A Provocative And Sensual Portrait Of One Of History S Most Famous Patients.In The Fall Of 1900, Dora S Father Forces Her To Begin Treatment With The Doctor Visiting Him Daily, The Seventeen Year Old Girl Lies On His Ottoman And Tells Him Frankly About Her Strange Life, And Above All About Her Father S Desires As Far As She Is Concerned But Dora Abruptly Ends Her Treatment After Only Eleven Weeks, Just As Freud Was Convinced He Was On The Cusp Of A Major Discovery In Dreaming For Freud, Kohler Explores What Might Have Happened Between The Man Who Changed The Face Of Psychotherapy And The Beautiful Young Woman Who Gave Him Her Dreams.

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    I could not hate this book anyif I tried Seriously, here are the major story lines girl is raped by her family friend who convinces everyone that she is a hysterical liar doting father with his own sexual picadillos sends girl to FREUD for analysis Freud is a pret...

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    The entire time I was reading this, I felt uneasy and a little irritated I needed author notes or background commentary of some kind I have an advance reading copy, which includes only the story but indicates that there is a reader s guide I don t know enough about Freud to know if Kohler has captur

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    I lingered over this book because Sheila Kohler makes every page a pleasure worth savoring The writing is lucid and rich a joy the content thoughtful, the drama subtle but sharp The drama in this case is between Freud near the beginning of his career and the clever teenage girl who came to be in real life one

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    When I got to the end, I realized the author hadn t told me the protagonist s name Young girl seeks help for pains in legs, stomach and head She has tried all sorts of cures but nothing has helped Her father takes her to see Freud and the daily sessions continue for three months before the girl refuses to continue trea

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    A good attempt to write a fiction However, lacks originality Loosely connected threads Unnecessary details in the end, so pointless Regret to write a negative review.

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    Sigmund Freud s motives and methods in taking on the seventeen year old daughter of one of his former patients seem highly questionable what does he know about women s psychology in the first place, and about adolescents, in the second The outcome seems a preordained disaster.OKLAHOMA CITY From the day I was asked to review this book I wa

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    Find this and other reviews at have mixed feelings about Sheila Kohler s Dreaming for Freud In retrospect, I think the novel s tone and underlying message intensely creative, but I have serious questions regarding its appeal among wider audiences.First and foremost, I couldn t personally relate to Kohler s narrators Freud and Dora are cold, self ab

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    3.5 stars As usual with Sheila Kohler s writing, the style is spare and elegant, a joy to read But somehow this novel didn t draw me into it the way her others did I was expectingtension andsuspense in the relationship between the girl her n...

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    Sigmund Freud began his practice of psychoanalysis with few patients and none who stayed long enough for him to believe he had completed a cure for their psychological problems This is his story because it is fiction which the author has him writing as an account It will contain everything about the famous patient, Dora, whom he treated This was a patient who was rich

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    3.5 starsDREAMING FOR FREUD is Sheila Kohler s intimate conjecture of Dora Freud s best known patient and Freud, their time together, influence on each other, and lives after their final meeting focusing mainly on Dora.DREAMING FOR FREUD has left me in two minds Freud and Dora came across as selfish, vain, and manipulative Freud wasn t the least altruistic regarding his patient

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