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Event Probably The Most Famous Living Philosopher, Slavoj I Ek Explores The Concept Of Event , In The Second In This New Series Of Easily Digestible PhilosophyWhat Is Really Happening When Something Happens In The Second In A New Series Of Accessible, Commute Length Books Of Original Thought, Slavoj I Ek, One Of The World S Greatest Living Philosophers, Examines The New And Highly Contested Concept Of Event.An Event Can Be An Occurrence That Shatters Ordinary Life, A Radical Political Rupture, A Transformation Of Reality, A Religious Belief, The Rise Of A New Art Form, Or An Intense Experience Such As Falling In Love Taking Us On A Trip Which Stops At Different Definitions Of Event, I Ek Addresses Fundamental Questions Such As Are All Things Connected How Much Are We Agents Of Our Own Fates Which Conditions Must Be Met For Us To Perceive Something As Really Existing In A World That S Constantly Changing, Is Anything New Really Happening Drawing On References From Plato To Arthouse Cinema, The Big Bang To Buddhism, Event Is A Journey Into Philosophy At Its Most Exciting And Elementary.

About the Author: Slavoj Žižek

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Event book, this is one of the most wanted Slavoj Žižek author readers around the world.

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    If accidentially an event takes place, it creates the preceding chain which makes it appear inevitable.After being left dazed and winded by Carlo Ginzburg s gumshoe pilgrimage, I needed a return to simply thinking i ek provided that sufficiently He divines the philosophical substrata for the evolutionary entity of the Eventin

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    I picked up Slavoj Zizek s new book, Event, next to the cash register in the gift shop at the Tate Britain Philosophy is an impulse buy at the Tate Britain In this book Zizek takes seriously the theme of the Penguin book series Philosophy in Transit in which this is the second volume His entry in the series is structured as a sequence

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    Defining the Event1 December 2012 I m not sure why, but for some reason I seem to want to compare Zizek with Noam Chomsky I guess the reason is that both authors have brought me around to a new way of thinking that not many other authors have done so in the past However I m not sure if you can really compare the two, considering that Chomsky i

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    Slavoj i ek has an associative rather than an analytical mind He is alert to similarities and resonances but is less concerned about logical consistency or narrative coherence As a result, this book is filled with interesting ideas and images that cluster but don t quite connect One gets the impression that the text was written in a hurry with thoughts

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    i ek s triumph here is not of sustained argument This is philosophy as hyperactive readings, outr jokes and dizzying film criticism, united by the central conceit of Event Equally at home discussing finer points of Hegel and quoting from Wrath of the Titans, i ek is genuinely engaged with culture in a way not often associated with academics.To name a few of the

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    Zizek at his incoherently coherent best.Some repetition of stories, if you have read his other books, but I thought he captured the different but related facets of the Event Zizek seems to be competing with Badiou over the term, but in many ways he putsflesh onto the notion.My favourite is As such, it is an event at its most elementary, event is not something that occur

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    Saya telah mendengarkan berbagai ceramah Zizek di Youtube, jadi saya sudah terbiasa dengan banyak gagasan, konsep, lelucon dan bahkan contoh yang ditawarkan dalam buku ini Seperti biasa, Zizek selalu ngebacot soal filsafat, psikoanalisa, sejarah, komunisme, kajian pop culture, dan sebagainya, dan sebagainya Yang paling menarik adalah pembahasannya soal etika zen dan budhisme dal

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    I ve listened to, literally, hundreds of hours of Zizek s talks and lectures in the last four years or so, so I m already familiar with a lot of the ideas, concepts, and even the examples themselves in this book Nonetheless, to put his thoughts on many fields under a unifying concept, that is, to look at the big bang, the notion of self in philosophy, love, political protests etc in the

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    Jargon heavy, incoherent ramblings, without any discernible point in sight Purposefully designed to baffle the reader with incomprehensible and irrelevant pseudo intellectual posturing, and to make people feel vaguely clever for having read it, despite not having actually conveyed an understanding of any issue in particular I would call it 200 pages of pure digression, but that would imply that i

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    This would appear to be another in the series short and probably decent entry level Zizek book The chapter The Three Events of Philosophy ie, Plato, Descartes, Hegel can be read online right about here

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