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The Best Punctuation Book, Period PUNCTUATE WITH CONFIDENCE NO MATTER THE STYLEConfused About Punctuation There S A Reason Everywhere You Turn, Publications Seem To Follow Different Rules On Everything From Possessive Apostrophes To Hyphens To Serial Commas Then There Are All The Gray Areas Of Punctuation Situations The Rule Books Gloss Over Or Never Mention At All At Last, Help Has ArrivedThis All In One Reference From Grammar Columnist June Casagrande Covers The Basic Rules Of Punctuation Plus The Finer Points Not Addressed Anywhere Else, Offering Clear Answers To Perplexing Questions About Semicolons, Quotation Marks, Periods, Apostrophes, And Better Yet, This Is The Only Guide That Uses Handy Icons To Show How Punctuation Rules Differ For Book, News, Academic, And Science Styles So You Can Boldly Switch Between Essays, Online Newsletters, Reports, Fiction, And Magazine And News ArticlesStyle Guides Don T Cover Everything, But Never Fear This Handbook Features Rulings From An Expert Punctuation Panel So You Can See How Working Pros Approach Sticky Situations And The Second Half Of The Book Features An Alphabetical Master List Of Commonly Punctuated Terms Worth Its Weight In Gold, Combining Rulings From The Major Style Guides And Showing Exactly Where They Differ With The Best Punctuation Book, Period, You Ll Be Able To Handle Any Punctuation Predicament In A Flash And With Aplomb

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    25 5 Okay, I haven t read every page of this book, but I have read enough to know that it s fantastically useful for those in the writing and editing world I now know when to use an em dash, that there is such a symbol as an en dash and what the consensus is on writing out numera

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    I love that this book starts by asking you to add punctuation to an unpunctuated paragraph This is a great example of how a comma here, an apostrophe there, isn t necessarily right or wrong depending on the style guide you use.Each punctuation mark has its own chapter The rules that pertai

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    Well, I can t say that I actually enjoyed reading this book, but if you are a detail oriented or is it detail oriented person, it is a must read or, perhaps, a must read The chapter on hyphens was excruciating, but they do say that whatever doesn t kill you makes you stronger This is a great book to

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    A thorough, go to reference book for all punctuation problems in American English Though, except for quotation marks and a few other details, it should be good for British English too It gives general advice and points out the occasional minor deviations in four styles Book editing, News media and business, S

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    Better than any grammar book I ve ever had The first part goes over the most commonly used punctuations Each chapter is about a single punctuation mark you re presented with the rule, an example, and exceptions that can occur in different situations The exceptions are broken down by four major editing styles academic,

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    This is excellent Now, I am not an editor, nor even much of an author yet , so it is possible that someone farknowledgable than I will find faultbut I cannot.You don t have to be a Grammar Snob to want to punctuate properly It is one of the most confusing parts of the tools of writing, so a reference book like this is helpful.In

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    Do you know the difference between an em dash and an en dash Or when you should spell out numbers and when you should write the numerals Do you care If you answers were no, no, and yes, then I have a book for you It is part narrative and part reference book, and the type of thing that I want to have at the office for business writing and

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    Great resource for people who want to know why the rules seem to change all the time or why so many people just do it WRONG, damn it I love the Punctuation Panels that reveal editors varying preferences, and the entry on using en dashes in unwieldy compound adjectives was the icing on the cake for me This is good middle ground between Jane Straus s

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    For US English usage conventions, this book lives us to its title Direct, succinct, and comprehensive As an editorial professional, I found the classification of punctuation rules and guidelines by style i.e., academic, scientific, book, and news to be the most valuable aspect of this book.

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    A comprehensive reference on punctuation The general discussions in the first part are a must read for new writers It covers the subtle differences for different types of publications, which I wasn t taught at school.

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