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True Reading True Author BitsofBrits SkyblueRae Wgf2011.eu True Is An Alternate Universe Story About How Things Would Have Turned Out If V And Butch Had Met In Different Circumstances Obviously The Bromance Blossoms Into Somethingin This Version Originally Posted On LiveJournal Disclaimer This Is Fan Fiction, The Characters And The World Belong To JW Ward.

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    The first time I read this story I fucking cried because this was the story Butch and Vishous deserved Their love is a tale as old as time and as true as the sky is blue If you don t know who Butch and Vishous is, well I

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    Fans of Blackdagger Brotherhood who thought Butch and Vishous belonged together and hated Jane and Marissa.this book is for YOU.Holy shit The authors captured the two of them beautifully187 pages of everything I ever wanted in thi

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    All the freaking stars for this amazing piece of fanfic I love me some BDB, but I never cared much for Marissa or Jane I always felt that Butch and V belonged to each other The two authors of True gave me the book I wanted for Vishous and h

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    I can t believe this was here and I never reviewed it I believe I can be the one person who has read this fanfictimes in the history of fanfics, that s how PERFECT it is If you haven t read the Black Dagger Brotherhood books you will have no idea wha

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    I didn t know this was on Goodreads, I ve read thistimes than I can count It deservesthan 5 stars It was the HEA that V and Butch should have gotten I always felt they belonged together, even the author said that...

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    As much as I love a romance story of Butch and V, it felt strange that the friendship they made in BDB just disappeared I love their original friendship and how they became friends, I just didn t want Jane and Marissa in the picture In fact, sorry if this is cruel or me

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    My favorite book, until now, I have read it many times, love this book

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    This This is how it should have happened.

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    I have read it multiple times

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    DNF , enggak ngerti, enggak bisa enjoy, males lanjut yah gitu deh.

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