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Planescape Torment The script is great, but you should read this not in substitution of playing the game, but only as a complimentary lecture for recalling some dialogue or encounter you liked. Superb Flawed as a game script doesn t quite work naturally as a novel, there is such a volume of dialogue, but framing it in such a way and linking the original words with love and appreciation for the source material this is a novel anyone who liked the game should read Even worth tak A Novelization Of The Popular 1999 Computer Game Planescape Torment.By Taking The Original Text From The Game, Then Developing It Into A Story Through Chronicling And Narrating The Story, The Whole Plot Has Been Edited Into An Epic Fantasy Tale Original Text C 1999 Interplay Productions Chris Avellone And Colin McComb All Rights Reserved Additional Material Was Adapted From ShadowCatboy S Torment LP On The Something Awful Forums Also Containing Parts Adapted From The Rhyss Hess Edition.Editing And Revision By Logan Stromberg. Endure, in enduring grow strong.With this in mind I have undertaken the reading of this mammoth of a novelization after all the game that the book draws from is famous for having a record amount of written text of all games, still I didn t expect it would be of War and Peace proportions I ended up enjoying it immensely as I found it to be rather a successful novelizations of my all time favorite games.If you have played the game, you are likely to absolutely enjoy it, it s easy to follow, the original text is skillfully framed with narrative descriptions and interludes on behalf of the editor and Let s Play author original available here which only added to the experience I particularly enjoyed reading the various closure passages addressing the fate of some characters and locations that the protagonist have v Converting in game dialogue into a novel doesn t work. What can change the nature of a man Whether regret, or love, or revenge or fear whatever you believe can change the nature of a man, can. Best game to book conversion ever especially since it shows how much content I had missed when I played the game. The Nameless One awakes on a mortuary slab in the city of Sigil, the nexus of all of the planes of existence He does not know who he is or how he came to be there, only that he can not die His body is covered with strange scars and tatoos that may be a clue to his true identity and purpose.This is something of an odd book to review The author Rhyss Hess has taken the text from the computer role playing game Planescape Torment as written by Chris Avellone and Colin McComb, and added linking sections to combine it into a continuous narrative, with mixed results.The game is widely regarded as a classic of the genre It is certainly a long way from the traditional Dungeons and Dragons world, being set in a strange city that is riddled with portals to every part of the multiverse Each portal has a key, that may be an object, a word or a memory and it is the task of the protagonist to explore this maze and find the clues that he has left himself to try to recover his memories If the setting is strange and baroque, that is nothing compared to characters that Note I didn t read the Rhys Hess edition, but a new edition that just got finished in 2011, which in my opinion is 1000 times better The only place I can find it is here Probably one of my most favorite novels It s understandably hard to get into considering its setting, also the first portion of the story moves pretty slowly , but once you get into the plot, and the CHARACTERS, you re hooked It s got some fights action sequences, some witty snaps from Morte, and a lot of ridiculous situations that I have taken the liberty to add an electronic book here because of its one outstanding qulaity the awesome dialogs In this unofficial novelization, Rhys Hess has linked together the most memorable scenes from the game in a single coherent plotline, showcasing the verbal interplay that is in turn poignant, hilarious, philosophical, and sheerly shocking in its Otherness.You do not

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